Top 5 Things to Know for your Wedding Photography

When we chat with married ladies about their wedding day, we often ask them the question: "What's the one thing you would have done differently?" Just 'cause we're curious like that.

There are two common themes.

  • The first, the former bride says that she shouldn't have stressed out so much and should have just enjoyed the ride. (Are you taking notes as you're pulling out your hair over your to-do lists?)
  • The second is that she wishes she had hired a better photographer, or had the forethought to provide him or her with a bit more guidance.

Photos are such an important part of your wedding day! It goes by so fast and there's only so much you can take in. A great photographer will capture mini moments all over your wedding; they will capture the true emotion of your wedding.

From unpredictable weather to communicating with your photographer, we have gathered FIVE top tips to get the perfect wedding photographs. No regrets. 

1. Rain, rain, play away

We know you're fighting off tears, but really, the forecast doesn't have to be your worst enemy during your pre- or post-wedding photography session.Charlie Kingsland-Barrow from CKB Photography suggests being prepared for just about anything imaginable.

Ask your photographer if they know what to do when the weather isn't that bright sunshine and blue skies that you had hoped for on your wedding day.

Ask if they have examples of their prior photography work in different inclement weather to get a good idea of what your big day might look like if it does rain.

But please don't fret too much — some of the most spectacular photographs have been taken on a cloudy day. Come prepared with a cute umbrella and wellies, and you'll make the most of it like the adorable couple above! 

2. Point out a point person

With all of the excitement during your wedding preparation, make sure your photographer knows whom they can go to for any questions or help grouping folks together.

Chris Snowden from Time Photographic, says some brides prefer it to be themselves, but he suggests choosing a family member or a bridesmaid as the photographer's go-to person for gathering the bridal party for group shots, organising your wedding accessories to be photographed while you're getting ceremony-ready and making sure everything runs smoothly.

Good photographers will have a pre-wedding meeting with you and your groom to discuss certain shots that you would like for your wedding. This is the time to designate your photo point person. 

3. Figure out formals

Formal photographs with the wedding party and your families can be chaotic, i.e. "where's mum gone off to?!!".

This is when your photographer will be looking for your go-to person to round up everyone to make the transition from the ceremony to photo session as smooth as possible… so that everyone can return to what they really want to be doing: ordering a cocktail.

John Alexander of John Alexander Photography advises to be prepared with a day-of shot list, complete with who is going to be in certain photos, and in what order you'd prefer them to be in. Then it'll be done in a jiffy and you'll have pretty pics to show for it! 

4. Choose wisely

When sniffing around for the right wedding photographer, scour their website for prior real weddings that they have photographed.

First, narrow it down to a couple of camera slingers who best suit your wedding style and theme.

Second, want the absolute perfect candid shots? Then pay special attention to the little details that they've captured in their wedding photography.

  • Are there unique captures of the bride and groom solo and together?
  • Did they shoot all of the small details like the cool wedding signs and bridal jewellery?
  • Did they nail the lighting?
  • Are the photos touched up well (smooth skin tones and surroundings)?

These are all great questions to ask yourself while perusing their sites.

5. Go out with a bang

As your wedding reception comes to an end, make sure your photographer snaps your and your groom's exit, and that he or she is not off shooting your cousins on the dance floor.

Alexander suggests asking your ushers to gather your guests in a tunnel for your departure, passing out your choice of item to toss. Time your walk through the tunnel where your photographer can get a front shot of all the action. If you haven't decided on which item for your guests to throw and want it to add radiant colour to your wedding photo, we suggest something natural. We are absolutely in love with real rose petal confetti.

Be sure to keep a candid smile rather than an open mouth smile — no one wants a mouthful of confetti caught on camera! (There's such thing as good candid and bad candid. Ha!)

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