Wedding Invitation Inserts: What You Need and How to Organise Them

Wedding invitation inserts play a crucial role in providing your guests with all the information they need to prepare for your big day. From accommodation cards to maps, each insert has a specific purpose, ensuring your guests have a seamless experience from start to finish. Let’s break down the essential inserts you might consider including with your wedding invitations, keeping it straightforward and easy to navigate.


Accommodation Cards

Purpose: Accommodation cards are especially useful for guests travelling from out of town or when you’re having a destination wedding. These cards provide details on recommended hotels, special room block rates, and booking deadlines.


  • List Options: Provide a range of accommodations to suit different budgets.
  • Include Contact Information: Make sure to list the hotel's phone number and any group codes guests should mention for special rates.
  • Online Alternatives: For a more modern approach, you can direct guests to your wedding website, where they can find dynamically updated accommodation info.

Directions and Maps

Purpose: A directions card helps guests navigate to your wedding venue(s) easily. Maps can be both functional and a beautiful addition to your invitation suite, offering a visual guide to your wedding location.


  • Clear Directions: Include simple, step-by-step directions from major highways or landmarks.
  • Custom Maps: Consider hiring a designer to create a custom map that matches your invitation design for a cohesive look.
  • Local Attractions: Adding a few local sights or favourite spots can make the map more interesting and useful for guests making a weekend of it.


Reception Cards

Purpose: If your reception is at a different location than your ceremony, a reception card is essential for letting guests know where and when the celebration will continue.


  • Venue Details: Include the full address and the start time of the reception.
  • Dress Code: If the reception has a different dress code than the ceremony, this is a good place to mention it.


RSVP Cards

Purpose: The RSVP card is a key element for finalising your guest list and catering numbers. It allows guests to confirm their attendance and select their meal preferences if needed.


  • Pre-stamp Envelopes: Make it easy for guests to return RSVP cards by pre-stamping and addressing the return envelopes.
  • Meal Choices: If you’re offering meal options, list them clearly so guests can indicate their preferences.

Additional Inserts

Depending on your wedding, you might consider other inserts:

  • Weekend Itinerary: For multi-day celebrations, provide a schedule of events so guests know what to expect.
  • Dress Code Details: If your wedding or any related events have a specific dress code (e.g., black-tie, beach formal), include this information either on a separate card or as part of your reception card.
  • Wedding Website Card: A small card with your wedding website URL can direct guests to more detailed information online.

Organising Your Inserts

To keep your invitation suite looking neat and organised:

  • Consistent Design: Ensure all your inserts match the overall design and theme of your main invitation for a cohesive look.
  • Size Gradation: Arrange your inserts in size order, with the smallest on top, so that each title is visible when stacked.
  • Tie It Together: Consider using a belly band, ribbon, or wax seal to elegantly bundle your invitation suite.


Wedding invitation inserts are more than just additional pieces of paper; they are an integral part of ensuring your guests are well-informed and can fully enjoy your wedding day without any stress. By carefully considering what information to include and how to organise it, you can create an invitation suite that’s not only beautiful but also incredibly helpful for your guests. Remember, the goal is to make the experience as enjoyable and easy for them as possible, starting with the moment they open your invitation.

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