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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I order my wedding stationery?

We recommend you order your wedding invitations at least three months before the wedding date. But don't worry if you have left it later than this because we aim to dispatch wedding stationery within 10 working days.

How many wedding invitations should I order?

You may have set a limit on the number of people that you wish to invite to the wedding and reception. We recommend that you order a few spare wedding invitations to allow for mistakes, to invite replacement guests if anyone cannot attend your wedding and to keep as souvenirs. Remember, if you need to order more wedding invitations later, they will be charged as a new order.

What wording should I choose for my wedding invitations?

We offer a selection of verses to suit different wedding styles. You may choose one of these standard verses or write one of your own. Please bear in mind that some of these standard verses have space for you to write your guests' names and others do not. Make sure that you choose an appropriate verse if you wish to write your guests' names on your wedding invitations.

Can I have a different language on my wedding invitations?

We can print your wedding stationery in a language other than English for a charge of £24.00 per item, which includes a free layout proof. Please provide the wording as a word document.

Can I include additional information with my wedding invitations?

Often the bride and groom will wish to add extra information such as directions to the church and reception, details of hotels, gift list, etc. We can print this information for you on separate note cards, in a variety of colours to complement your wedding invitations.

When do I send out my wedding invitations?

Ideally, you should send your wedding invitations out six weeks before the wedding to allow guests to reply.

When should the RSVP date be?

At least 2 weeks before the wedding date - you cannot finalise the catering or seating arrangements without knowing how many guests have accepted your invitation.

What are printed envelopes?

Your wedding & evening invitations, reply cards, save the date cards and  thank you cards will come with envelopes as standard. Personalised Reply cards are supplied with envelopes that can be pre-printed with your name and address. For an additional charge, you may also choose to have your name and address printed on the flaps of other envelopes so that undelivered items will be returned to you.

Who sends out the wedding invitations?

Traditionally, the hosts of the wedding day do this, but often the bride will.

What details do I need on my Order of Service?

Your Order of Service should include entrance music, hymns, prayers, marriage, benediction. Always check the format and hymns with your clergy before placing your order.

Don't Forget

  • Allow one wedding invitation per couple or single person
  • Always order a few extra wedding invitations in case of errors and additional guests. It will cost much less to order them all at once because if you have to order more this will be charged as a new order with a minimum quantity of 20.
  • If your wedding is planned for Christmas you will need to allow longer postage time.
  • Different nationalities have different wedding etiquette
  • Be careful to find out about different customs so that you don't offend anyone.
  • Co-ordinate the whole of your wedding day
  • Use ribbons and design motifs to help co-ordinate the whole of your wedding day.
  • Thank your wedding guests

Remember to thank your guests for their presence and gifts. We provide a large range of printed or blank thank you notes to co-ordinate with our wedding stationery. We also have a range of gifts and favours many of which may be personalised, which are ideal for bridesmaids, best men, mums and dads etc.

*Please be aware that all designs within our range are subject to change at any time