The Importance of Save-the-Dates: When to Send and What to Include

Save-the-dates play a pivotal role in the wedding planning process, acting as a prelude to your official invitations. They not only alert your guests to reserve your wedding date but also set the tone for your big day. Understanding when to send them and what to include is key to ensuring a smooth lead-up to your wedding. Let's dive into the essentials of save-the-dates in a way that's thorough yet easy to digest.


Why Save-the-Dates Matter

Early Notice: Save-the-dates give your guests a heads-up, allowing them ample time to arrange travel, book accommodations, and request time off work, especially important for destination weddings or if many guests will be travelling.

Building Excitement: They're your first chance to share the joy of your upcoming wedding with your guests, building anticipation for the celebration.

Setting the Tone: Save-the-dates can hint at the style and theme of your wedding, offering a sneak peek into the event's vibe.


When to Send Save-the-Dates

Timing: The general rule is to send save-the-dates 6 to 8 months before your wedding. For a destination wedding or if you're marrying during a busy travel time (like holiday weekends), sending them 9 to 12 months in advance is advisable.

Considerations: The key is to give your guests enough time to plan without sending them so early that they forget or so late that they've already made other plans.


What to Include in your Save-the-date

Basic Information: At this stage, include your names, the wedding date, and the location (at least the city and state or country, if the venue isn't booked yet).

Wedding Website: If you have one, your save-the-date is the perfect place to share it. Your website can offer more detailed information, like travel guidance, accommodation suggestions, and an evolving itinerary.

A Note About Formal Invitations: Let guests know that more details will follow with the official invitation. A simple "Formal invitation to follow" will do.

Personal Touch: While not as detailed as the formal invitation, your save-the-date should still reflect your personality and the wedding's tone. Use this opportunity to get creative and give a hint of what's to come.


Tips for Sending Save-the-Dates

Digital vs. Physical: Consider your wedding style and guest preferences when deciding between traditional mail or digital save-the-dates. Digital versions can be cost-effective and easier to manage, but ensure your guest list is tech-savvy.

Addressing: Use this as a practice run for your formal invitations. Ensure you have current addresses (physical or email) for all your guests.

Avoid oversharing. Stick to the essentials. Too much information can overwhelm guests or box you into details that might change.


Bottom line

Save-the-dates are more than just an announcement; they're an integral part of your wedding communication, ensuring your loved ones can celebrate with you. By sending them out timely and including the right information, you pave the way for a well-attended and unforgettable celebration. Remember, the goal is to make the announcement of your wedding date as special and stress-free as possible, both for you and your guests.

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