Celebrity Wedding Inspiration: Scarlett Johansson and Romain Dauriac

As you may know, if you caught last week’s blog on Kanye and Kim, this month’s blog theme is celebrity-wedding predictions for 2014! We love our next engaged celebrity Scarlett Johansson who is oh-so close to getting hitched to handsome French journalist Romain Dauriac If we were planning their wedding, we would choose a rustic-chic, European countryside wedding theme, naturally. The following is our celebrity wedding inspiration for the happy couple...

The Colour Scheme

We choose a yellow and gray colour combination with white and green accents for Scarlett and Romain’s affair. So fresh and so clean.

Celebrity Wedding Inspiration: Scarlett Johansson and Romain Dauriac

The Dress

Scarlett is super sexy and often wears perfectly draped gowns that hug her curves in all the right places. For her rustic-chic wedding, we envision her in this absolutely unique and stunning BHLDN gown with embroidered details and a unique neckline. For Romain, we think he’d look amazing in an Italian gray suit with a skinny tie. 

The Location

The couple will likely whisk away their friends and family to a location in France, such as this 33-bedroom Ancient Lakeside Villa in the French Alps, with the ability to host 120 guests. Startlingly beautiful! The couple could have a fleet of sailboats available to take guests on sunbathing or sunset cruises around the lake during their stay.

The Invitation

Letterpress all the way! This couple likes to leave an impression — and so what could be better than a letterpress invitation, like this Birds and Bays Evening Invitation? The pretty motif is just the right amount of sophisticated and sweet for a rustic-chic wedding.


The Florals

From the bridal bouquets to the centrepieces, we’d select a mixture of wildflowers, roses and greenery that showcase a beautiful mixture of textures. We picture low and full arrangements that encourage guests. Seated at long, family-style wooden tables, to converse, and an overall vibe full of camaraderie.

We can’t wait to see what Scarlett and Romain decide on for their nuptials, and wish them all the best.

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