6 Naked Wedding Cakes That Will Make You Go Bare

The wedding cake is the centrepiece to your reception, but who knew such an important accessory could be, well…naked? It turns out going bare is all the rage in wedding cakes right now, and this look can be dressed up (or down) to suit just about any bridal theme. So what exactly is a naked cake? It is a confection that goes without frosting or fondant around the sides of the cake, leaving the inside layers on full display. But while the cake itself is minimalist, there is no limit to the amount of creative garnishes, fillings and embellishments you can add to make the cake your own.

Don’t skimp on the garnishes

Just because your cake is naked doesn’t mean it should go completely bare. In place of that fondant, dress it up with fresh fruit, flowers, or a simple dusting of powdered sugar. For the real dessert aficionados, go for a garnish of coconut flakes, cookie crumbs, chocolate chips or pecan crunch. Complete the look with a cute cake topper, and your guests will have a visual and culinary delight.

Flaunt those fillings

When your cake is unfrosted, the fillings will be on full display, so you’ll want those delicious layers to be something to see. If you’re craving some colour, think strawberry jam, lemon curd or rainbow frosting. For a more purist approach, try cheesecake filling, chocolate buttercream or cookies ‘n’ cream frosting. Don’t be afraid to mix and match a few flavours, either. Include a tier of white sponge cake layered with chocolate buttercream for a more conservative palate, then mix it up with a salted pretzel tier filled with stout ganache and salted pretzel crumbs. The sky is the limit!

Be there or be square

Who says a wedding cake needs to be round? Why not think outside (or in this case inside) the box, and make the cake a square? Layer it with all of your favourites and top it off with some seasonal berries and a personalized cake topper for a beautiful, yet rustic look.

Ombre isn’t just for hair color

For a confection that is both naked and modern, go ombre with your cake layers. In addition to being an eye-catching conversation piece, an ombre wedding cake is a great way to carry over your colour scheme and add another accessory to the reception. For an extra special touch, offer personalized cake boxes for your guests so they can take a tiny treat home with them.

Have FUN with it!

Your cake is the place to let your creativity fly, and a funfetti cake is the epitome of a happy treat. If rainbow frosting isn’t your flavour, a layer of chocolate chip frosting or coloured marshmallows can also add some pizzazz. Either way, a cake with this much colour is bound to make your guests smile.

When it comes to applying the finishing touches to your wedding cake, make sure to browse our affordable yet wonderfully original range of wedding cake accessories!

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