Pyramid Wedding Favours

14 Cute and Affordable Wedding Favour Ideas

Wedding favours are small tokens given to each guest by the bride and groom. They are normally presented at the wedding breakfast, on the table next to each guest’s place card. Sometimes, favours are even used instead of place cards (each one being printed with

Bride & Father Walking down the Aisle #Wedding

How to Sleep the Night Before Your Wedding

If you manage to get a good night’s sleep before your wedding, you’ll enjoy your day feeling and looking refreshed. A lack of sleep, on the other hand, may lead to dark circles under your eyes, irritability and excessive yawning – none of which are

What to Include in a Wedding Invitation Suite

If you’re new to the world of wedding planning, congratulations! You’re probably already thinking ahead to that exciting moment when you send your wedding invitations off to your guests. But before you do, it’s crucial that you know everything that you need to include in