8 Things To Throw at Your Wedding

'Throwing' things at the Bride and Groom when they depart their ceremony or reception dates back to ancient times. This old-age tradition is pure "feel good" stuff!

It’s celebration at its best, all eyes on you, all guests united in their well wishes. It also gives you an opportunity to capture fab photos of everyone wishing you well, and serves as a fun way to wrap up the end of your special event.

Here are eight options to throw at your wedding...

1. Light up your night

Sky lanterns are a beautiful touch for night-time weddings.  Bring your guests outside for a quick how-to lesson, light the lanterns and watch them float into the night sky.

2. Bird on the brain

Our ancient ancestors threw birdseed and rice for good luck and fertility. These options are certainly traditional and inexpensive choices. But, be forewarned if you go this route—they are slippery, and hard to clean up. If you’re wearing flats at a sunny destination wedding, no real problem. If you’re wearing sky-high heels and it’s raining, steer clear.

3. Go out with a bang

Confetti which can be thrown by hand, or streamers, via Party Poppers, are perfect for indoor goodbyes! They’re both fun and festive, and relatively low maintenance. Also available in gold, Grab yourself some party poppers!

4. He loves me...

Rose Petals aren’t just for flower girls anymore. Say bye-bye to your guests with faux florals. Real flowers can brown or wilt if not kept cold, but these preserved petals last a while, and can be kept as a keepsake.

5. Bubbling over

Bubbles, like these Wedding Cake Bubbles, are a fun way to celebrate with no clean up and, of course, they are eco-friendly! (Recycle the plastic containers afterwards). There's plenty to go around as each pack contains 24 bottles, browse the wedding cake bubbles pack

6. Make it sparkle

Lighting up Gold or Silver Sparklers is a picture-perfect way to make your getaway. You can also incorporate them into your wedding reception table décor. Just make sure Uncle John hasn’t had one too many before he strikes that match! Create a visually exciting wedding reception with help from Indoor Sparklers available online.

7. Up, up and away

Just Married Balloons are a customisable touch to your getaway. Tip: Hide them away before your grand finale—so your nephew isn’t having a great time popping them during your wedding lunch! Personalise your wedding balloons online

8. Let them fly

Releasing butterflies from boxes is another increasingly popular alternative. But watch your wings—these beauties can be costly and also need proper care prior to their release.

Discover More Alternatives To Throwing Rice At Weddings Online

Perhaps you have already found the perfect idea for your guests to throw at your wedding ceremony found in our list, if not don't fret! Bride & Groom Direct have plenty more exciting wedding toss ideas to take inspiration from. From real flower petals to champagne bubbles, discover our wedding bubbles and confetti collection.

Do you have something special you're throwing at your wedding? We want to know! Post it here or on our Facebook page and we'll feature it in our next post! Give us a like!

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