Wedding Theme Colours: Zesty Lemon

Wedding Theme Colours: Zesty Lemon

We are soooo ready for spring and completely over this cold weather! According to the colour masters at Pantone, a happy hue called Lemon Zest is set to be a very popular colour this year. It’s cheerful and optimistic for your primary or complementary wedding colour. 

Designer Ella Moss, says the tone pairs beautifully with a deep raspberry and cool mint; peacock blue and acid green; or neon pink with icy-cool grey.We also love it with stark white and navy blue for a poppy twist on a nautical look.

Any which way you choose to use it in your wedding, here are some ideas to get your wheels turning...

Brighten their day

Send out a few of these eye catching wedding invitations featuring sweet luggage tags with the bride and groom’s names on them - on a backdrop of zesty yellow. Guests will flip it over for your wedding day details on the reverse side, and then proceed to flip out because they’re so excited for you. Yay, fall in love with the Knot Day Invitation.

Well groomed

Take inspiration from Etsy vendor Emy Uhlig’s Handmade Gingham bow ties in yellow. It’s a delightful way to tie the colour into your groom’s wedding day style. We love the use of the same material and pattern wrapped around the boutonnière (which is also adorable) as well. Nice touch!

Monotone marvellous

Sometimes the simplest things are the most chic. This Bridesmaid Bouquet by Stephanie Williams Photography via The Aisle Style pairs a few different flowers in the same lemony hue into a small but absolutely lovely bouquet for your lady in waiting.

Shades of lemon

This Ruffled Lemon Zest Inspired Cake photographed by Wings of Glory Photography starts with the inspiration right at the top—how cute are those lemonade cake toppers?—and then uses an ombre design down the cake. Ombre is a great approach if you love one colour, but would like to feature it in varying shades for a less-monotone look. Here, they used the darkest shade of yellow at the bottom and worked their way up to an off-white tone.

Hair apparent

Your bouquet isn’t the only thing that gets to have fun with lemon zest!

This stunning up-do on Miss Bush Bridal Wear features flowers by Fairynuff.

It shows a fun way to incorporate the wedding colour into your big-day ‘do!

Choose accented yellow colours that will pack a punch and still remain subtle. Small touches of this colour goes a long way.

Table of sunshine

From the garden-fresh florals to the tabletop décor from Jones, this playful tablescape, photographed by Juliet McKee, is a ray of sunshine indeed. What we like about it is that it is very well staged, but at the same time, quite easy to pull off! 

Tabletop touches

Add a unique detail to your reception tables by sprinkling these yellow preserved Rose Petals across them. Alternatively, fill your flower girl’s basket or layer them down the aisle in lieu of the real deal with Rose Petals.

Out to lunch

Or shall we say "out to cocktail"? Whether you bring these sunny Luncheon Napkins into your wedding cocktail hour or feature them at your hen party lunch. They make a great customised addition to any wedding event, so lay out the Luncheon Napkins!

Share photos of your fabulous Lemon Zest-inspired with us! Post them on our Facebook page and we may feature them on our blog, too!

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