Rusting Wedding Guide 2023/2024


Embrace Nature with a Rustic Wedding: Your 2023/2024 Guide 

A rustic wedding remains a timeless choice for couples celebrating their love in a relaxed, natural setting. This theme, perfect for those who adore the simplicity and beauty of the great outdoors, has evolved to become more enchanting and versatile in 2023/2024.

Rustic weddings have a unique charm that appeals to various tastes. They seamlessly adapt to various colour schemes, including soft pastels, natural earth tones, and vibrant autumn palettes. This guide will explore the latest trends in rustic wedding venues, attire, decor, food, and entertainment, complete with inspiring ideas for your stationery​​. 

Top Rustic Wedding Venues for 2023/2024 

  1. Outdoor Elegance: The essence of a rustic wedding lies in its connection with nature. Venues with expansive gardens, lush forests, or charming fields embody this theme perfectly. The ideal times are late spring, summer, and early fall, with the weather playing a crucial role in outdoor settings. 
  1. Barn Venues: Barns, especially renovated with modern amenities, offer a perfect blend of rustic charm and comfort. High ceilings in barns are ideal for creative decorations like hanging lights, floral arrangements, and rustic bunting. 
  1. Cozy Cottages and Farmhouses: These venues provide an intimate setting ideal for smaller weddings. Their quaint exteriors and natural surroundings serve as a beautiful backdrop, allowing for personalised decorations.
  1. Forest and Woodland Weddings: For a truly immersive experience, consider a forest or woodland wedding. These venues provide a serene and enchanting atmosphere, ideal for nature lovers.

Rustic Wedding Décor Trends 2023/2024

  1. Sustainable Floral Arrangements: Sustainability is critical in 2023/2024. Opt for locally sourced flowers and greenery. Consider incorporating potted plants and herbs that guests can take home as eco-friendly wedding favours.
  1. Eco-Friendly Lighting: Solar-powered fairy lights and LED candles can add a magical touch to your rustic setting while being environmentally friendly.
  1. Handcrafted Decor: DIY decorations are popular, focusing on upcycled and recycled materials. Simple, handcrafted items add a personal touch to your wedding.

Best Attire for a Rustic Wedding 

  1. Ethical and Sustainable Wedding Dresses: Ethically sourced materials and sustainable practices in bridal fashion are trending. Dresses with natural fabrics, floral lace, and comfortable designs are perfect for a rustic theme.
  1. Relaxed Groom Attire: Tweed and linen suits in earthy tones are ideal. Consider accessories like leather suspenders and handmade boutonnieres for a personal touch.
  1. Natural Hair and Makeup: Embrace a more natural look with minimal makeup and relaxed hairstyles, complemented by accessories like flower crowns or simple hairpins.

Rustic Wedding Stationery Ideas

  1. Eco-Friendly Materials: Use recycled or plantable seed paper for invitations, place cards, and menus​​.
  1. Digital Invitations: To reduce paper use, consider sending digital save-the-dates or invitations and reserving printed stationery for the actual event. 

Food and Entertainment with a Rustic Twist

  1. Farm-to-Table Dining: Emphasize locally sourced, organic ingredients. Buffet-style dining with a selection of hearty, homemade dishes encourages a communal atmosphere.
  1. Live Acoustic Music: Bands or musicians specialising in folk or acoustic music add a warm, authentic feel. 
  1. Interactive Entertainment: Consider activities like outdoor games, a DIY photo booth with props, or even a bonfire with marshmallow roasting for a cosy end to the evening.

In Summary 

A rustic wedding in 2023/2024 is all about personalisation, sustainability, and embracing the natural beauty around you. With these ideas, your wedding will be a celebration of your love and a testament to your commitment to the environment and personal style. Don't forget to check out our range of wedding accessories to complete your rustic theme​​.

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