Should You Send a Wedding Invitation If You Know The Guest Can’t Come?

Organising your wedding hinges on knowing who can and can’t attend. This determines the size of your venue, seating arrangements, and various costs. But is it necessary to send an invite if you're sure a guest can't attend?

There are compelling reasons to send an invitation, such as it is a keepsake, the possibility of the guest attending after all, avoiding offence, and the significance of RSVPs. Conversely, you might save time and money by not sending invites you deem 'pointless'. The decision ultimately depends on your specific circumstances.

If you're uncertain, here's a guide to help you decide!

Sending an Invitation

Sending an invitation to someone who likely can't attend might seem unnecessary. However, several reasons justify this approach:

1. The Guest Might Attend After All: Circumstances change. An initially unavailable guest might find themselves able to attend. Not sending an invite could lead them to assume they’re not welcome, which could cause confusion and disappointment.

2. An Invitation as a Memento: Wedding invites often serve as cherished memories of the day, even for those who can’t attend. This is particularly true for older relatives or friends who might value the invitation as their sole keepsake of your special day.

3. The Essence of RSVPs: Invitations with RSVPs are for more than just those you expect to attend. They are a formal way to confirm attendance, helping you plan accurately.

4. Avoiding Offense: Not sending an invitation could inadvertently offend some, mainly traditional or older family members who might be looking forward to receiving it as a token of thoughtfulness.

5. Wedding Invites Come in Bulk: Often, you’ll have spare invitations since they are typically purchased in bulk. Rather than letting these go unused, sending them to all potential guests, regardless of their likelihood of attendance, can be a thoughtful gesture. Discover beautiful wedding invitations from Bride & Groom Direct that cater to all your guests.


Not Sending an Invitation

However, there are also valid reasons to refrain from sending invitations to certain guests:

1. Saving Money: Not sending specific invitations can be a cost-saving measure, albeit a small one in the grand scheme of wedding expenses.

2. Saving Time: It might save time in preparation and follow-ups, which can add up in the busy wedding planning process.

3. Opting for No Invitations: In the case of a smaller, intimate wedding, personal invites via phone or in-person could be more appropriate, further saving on costs and maintaining a close-knit feel.


To Send, Or Not to Send…

Ultimately, the choice to send or not send a wedding invitation is yours. It’s worth considering the type of guest involved and whether you have enough spare invites. Sometimes, a simple phone call to the guest for their preference can resolve your dilemma.

Remember, your wedding invitations and stationery reflect your special day. Explore a range of elegant and bespoke options at Bride & Groom Direct’s wedding stationery collection.

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