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Shop Wedding Invitations by Style

Wedding Invites, as well as a showing your love and commitment for one another, display your individual style and personality.

Whether you are searching for a traditional flat style invitation, a more contemporary pocket style invite, or a folding invitation such as a gatefold invite, our Shop by Style feature allows you to browse our wedding invitations in your chosen invitation style. Simply click Shop by Style in the left hand menu.

Folded Wedding Invitations

Folded Wedding Invitations

We've all different kinds of folding invites including gatefold, top fold, z fold and more. Browse our Interesting designs.

Pocket Wedding Invitations

Pocket Wedding Invitations

Invitations that slide out from a side pocket or top pocket are a romantic touch. With lots to choose from, browse these now!

Flat Wedding Invitations

Flat Wedding Invitations

Traditionally, flat invitations are the most renowned. Many feature raised borders and embossed lettering.

Invitation Styles

Our invitations are available in many different shapes, sizes and styles. Our most popular designs are the gatefold style of invitation which open from the middles outwards. This can be either a vertical or horizontal opening to reveal your wedding details on the inside.

Another of our most popular styles is the pocket invitation. These invites are designed with an outer pocket, and an inner card design which slides out to reveal your details.

Other styles we have developed include side folds, top folds, z folds, start folds and many more! All our invitations include an icon in the left hand corner to explain which type of style that design is. See the key below for more details!

Side Fold Wedding Invitations

Traditional side fold card that opens from right to left. Used for many different items in the stationery ranges from save the dates to thank yous.

Top Fold Wedding Invitations

Opening from bottom to top, these cards stand up by themselves and are used for lots of different items such as invites and place cards.

Pocket Style Wedding Invitations

Similar style to an envelope, the pocket style opens up to reveal an invitation inside. Some designs also include RSVPs on the inside.

Gatehold Wedding Invitations

Reminiscent of a an old fort gate, the gatefold style invitation opens from the centre, both left and right, to reveal your details on the inside.

Gatefold Side Wedding Invitations

The side gatefold is the same design as the gatefold, except that it is landscape. The opening is from the centre, both top and bottom, with your details printed inside.

Overlap Wedding Invitations

Overlap folds open outwards, with one side overlaying on top of the other. This could feature a plain card, a butterfly or similar accent as the feature on the invitation.

Z Fold Wedding Invitations

Z-folding invitations are folded alternately so that they open up like a Z shape. Your personalised wording is usually featured on the inside panel.

Side Pocket Wedding Invitations

The side pocket style is very popular this year. Usually with an outer pocket, your invitation is nested inside. Slide the invite out sideways to reveal your personalised wording.

Top Pocket Wedding Invitations

Same as the side pocket, except this design has the invitation slide out from the top. Usually with a delicate pull ribbon so that the card is grabbed and crumpled.

Star Pocket Wedding Invitations

A very unique design of fold which opens out in all directions. The star pocket usually interlocks on the top, with your wording contained inside.

DIY Wedding Invitations

Our DIY items include this symbol in the right hand corner of the description. All DIY items can be personalised as you wish to give it that special, handcrafted touch.


Bride & Groom Direct have hundreds of designs to choose from, keep searching for wedding invites online.