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Wedding Cake Knife & Server Sets

The cutting of the cake is a very special time in a wedding and provides a wonderful photo opportunity for guests and professional photographers alike. We have a stunning range of wedding cake knife sets, all of which can be personalised and engraved with your names and wedding dates. This makes the cutting of the cake and the photographs that little bit more personal.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 Products Found

Wedding Cake Knives & Server Sets

The cutting of the cake is an iconic wedding day tradition. Whether you
re having a formal or casual wedding, with hundreds of guests or only a few, it will be one of the standout moments of your big day. So, make the occasion even more special by treating yourself to a personalised cake knife and server set.

You may ask: why cant I just use a plain old knife to cut my cake? Of course, you could if you wanted to. But a beautiful custom wedding cake serving set will add a real personal touch to your day. It will also look great in your wedding photos. Not only that, but youll be able to keep your cake knife and serving set as a memento.

It goes without saying that if youre not having a wedding cake, you dont need a cake knife. But if you are, a serving set should definitely feature in your big day. It doesnt have to be expensive, either, as there are options to fit any budget.


Why Choose Bride & Groom Direct?


Bride & Groom Direct stock a range of beautiful and cost-effective wedding cake knife and server sets. We have a number of options so that you can select one that matches your wedding theme and style.

Your wedding cake knife and server set will come delivered to you in a gorgeous display box. Whether youre buying it for yourself, or as a gift for a loved one, youll be impressed with its presentation and quality. Our knives and server sets are silver plated, creating a gorgeous shiny finish.

Most of our cake knives can also be personalised with your names and your wedding date. Well send you a proof to ensure youre happy with the wording before we start engraving. After your approval, we aim to deliver your order within 3-5 working days.


At Bride & Groom Direct, we also stock a fantastic range of wedding stationery and accessories, from invitations to guest books. Let us take the hassle out of wedding planning by taking care of everything for you.



FAQs: Whats Included In a Wedding Cake Server Set?



A wedding cake serving set includes two components: a sharp knife and a cake server. The knife, of course, is for cutting into the cake.

The cake server is a broad, flat, triangular shaped utensil for sliding underneath a slice of cake. Its blunt, as its not designed to cut into the cake itself, but to remove the already cut slice and place it onto a plate. Cake servers are designed to do the job neatly, and hold the slice steadily. This ensures that you get a nice clean slice, that looks good in wedding photos. 

You can get plain cake knifes and cake servers at almost any homeware store. However, wedding cake knife and serving sets are a little more special. They
re finished to a higher quality standard, and often include embellishments such as engraved hearts or diamantes. They can also be personalised.

Most wedding cake knife and server sets also include a presentation box. This box can be used to store the knife and server afterwards, allowing you to keep them as mementos or use them again.


Wont My Venue Provide a Wedding Cake Knife?

Some wedding venues will provide a wedding cake knife and cake server for you to use. However, many of them don

When you book your venue, you can ask what items theyll supply, and what youll need to provide yourself. However, to avoid the hassle and potential problems on your big day, wed strongly recommend bringing your own cake serving set anyway.

If you would prefer to use the one that the venue provides, you can. However, theres no guarantee that the set they provide will be pretty, or look good in your wedding photos. Supplying your own means you can choose the design, and have it personalised with your names if you wish.

Also bear in mind that if you use the set provided by the venue, you can
t keep it. Many couples prefer to keep the set as a memento, and use it for later events such as anniversaries. 


Are Wedding Cake Knife and Server Sets Expensive?



Just like most wedding stationery and accessories, wedding cake knives and servers can range from cheap to expensive. It all depends on the material and design, and where you purchase it from.

For example, if you want a solid sterling silver wedding cake knife, you could end up paying well over
£100. However, by opting for a silver-plated serving set, youll save a lot of money. And of course, itll perform the job just as well, and look just as good in photos.

At Bride & Groom Direct, our wedding cake knives start at just £11.99. If you want an engraved set, youll only have to pay a few pounds more. So, you can add your own personal touch to your wedding day, without breaking the bank.


Why Should I Get a Personalised Wedding Cake Knife?


A personalised wedding cake knife is a cake knife thats been engraved with the names of the bride and groom, and the wedding date. Its a way of going the extra mile on the biggest day of your life. It makes an already special moment of your wedding day that much more personal and intimate. Not to mention, it looks stunning in photos!

By having your wedding cake knife personalised, you can turn an ordinarily boring kitchen utensil into a keepsake that you can treasure forever. Store it along with your wedding guest book, cake topper and other mementos to help you treasure your big day.

At Bride & Groom Direct, most of our wedding cake knives can be personalised for free. And if you make a mistake with the spelling or the date, you can make unlimited free amendments before approving the proof.


What Else Can I Use My Wedding Cake Serving Set For?


You may wonder if ordering a custom wedding cake knife and server is going a little too far, for something that youll only use once. But in fact, you arent limited to using your serving set only on your wedding day. There are many other ways that you can keep getting use out of your serving set after your big day.

 For example:

    Keep it for use as a normal utensil in your kitchen. You can use it to cut and serve regular cakes, pies and tarts from now on.

   Use it to cut the top layer of your wedding cake, that youve saved for your first anniversary.

   Bring it out on special occasions, such as for your childs christening cake, or milestone birthdays. If you keep your knife and server clean and stored correctly, it could last your whole life.

   Display it proudly in your home as a memento. You can store it in a glass cabinet, or even a shadow box on the wall.

 If youve opted for a non-personalised option, you could even re-gift it to a loved one, perhaps as a wedding present. Even if it is personalised, your children might like to use it on their big day!