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Change the Date Cards


Wedding Change the Date Cards

We know it's incredibly stressful to have to postpone or rearrange your wedding, once you’ve already sent out save the dates or invitations. To help customers through the pressure of rearranging your wedding during the Coronavirus crisis Bride and Groom Direct have developed a Change the Date range of cards which we are offering at discounted rates to give you a helping hand during these difficult times.

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Why Choose Bride & Groom Direct for Your Wedding Stationery?

Here at Bride & Groom Direct, we have been trading since 1906 as part of CCA Occasions. With over 100 years of experience in producing fine wedding stationery, there’s nowhere better to order your change the date cards.


All of our stationery is printed to an exceptionally high standard, while still being offered at affordable prices. We have many different designs available, to suit any wedding theme or colour scheme. Our wedding stationery is fully customisable, and we offer free samples, too. 

All of our wedding stationery orders are supplied with envelopes. After you approve the proof, we always aim to ship orders within 5 days.


We offer a complete range of beautiful wedding stationery, from change the dates to thank you cards. What’s more, we also stock a wonderful range of wedding accessories, such as guest books, bridal party gifts, cake toppers and wedding post boxes. No matter how much you order, you’ll only be charged one flat-rate shipping fee.


What Are Change the Date Cards?

Change the date cards let you inform your guests of your new plans in a stylish, affordable and simple way. So, although rearranging your nuptials may be a hassle, it doesn’t have to be confusing for your guests.

Change the dates look similar to save the dates. They’re small cards that you send through the post to your wedding guests, informing them that the date of your wedding has changed. You can use change the date cards whether you’re bringing your wedding forward, or postponing it, and for any reason.

If you don’t yet know your new wedding date, you can use change the date cards simply to let guests know that the wedding is postponed, with a new date yet to be decided.

Why Might I Need to Postpone My Wedding Day?

There are many reasons why you might be forced to make the decision to postpone your wedding. For example, many couples at the moment are having to rearrange their weddings due to the coronavirus pandemic.


According to social distancing regulations, large gatherings of people aren’t permitted right now. Unfortunately, weddings are no exception to this rule. Although it’s a hassle and a disappointment, postponing your big day until a safer time is the sensible option.

Besides virus pandemics, there are many other reasons why you might need to unexpectedly change your wedding date. For example:


-       Family emergencies

-       Sudden change in your financial situation

-       Having to change your venue, and finding that the new one isn’t available on your preferred date

-       Changes of circumstance, such as having to move house or falling pregnant

Whatever the reason, change the date cards provide a subtle and professional way of informing your guests.


Are Change the Date Cards Necessary?

If you’re postponing or rearranging your wedding, we’d always recommend sending change the date cards. They aren’t strictly necessary, but they are useful.

If you’re having a small wedding, you have the option of telephoning each of your guests to tell them instead. This is more personal, but many couples would rather not have the same (often awkward) conversation a dozen or more times.


Email is also an option. But there is a small chance that your guests won’t see the email (if it’s caught in a spam filter, for instance). We recommend emailing your guests anyway, but sending a formal change the date card afterwards just in case.


When Should I Send Change the Date Cards?

You should send out your change the date cards as soon as you make the decision to postpone your wedding. Unlike with save the date cards and invitations, there’s no such thing as sending a change the date card too early.


This is because your guests may already have booked transport, accommodation, childcare or time off work. It’s crucial that they know about the postponement as soon as possible, to give them a chance to rearrange their plans.


If possible, ensure your change the dates are sent out at least 6-8 weeks before the new date. You may wish to give your guests a heads-up first, via telephone or email, so they don’t have to wait for the card to arrive in the post.


What Should I Include On a Change the Date Card?

Change the date cards serve one very simple purpose: informing the guests that your wedding date has moved. You don’t need to stuff it full with information. The only things you need to include are:

- Your names (the couple getting married)
- Mention of the wedding being postponed, rearranged, changed or cancelled (precise wording is up to you)

- The new wedding date, if you know it

You don’t need to tell your guests the reason why you’re changing your wedding date. You can give details if you wish, but it’s not necessary. Feel free to be vague, e.g. “due to unforeseen circumstances”, or “for personal reasons”.

What If I Don’t Know the New Wedding Date?

In uncertain times, such as during a virus pandemic, you may have to postpone your wedding without a new date in mind. In this case, there’s no need to wait until you have a new date.


Letting your guests know that you’re postponing your wedding gives them a chance to cancel travel and accommodation arrangements. Your change the date cards should make clear that the wedding has been postponed, and that a new date is still to be decided. Here are some wording suggestions.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, the wedding of Jane Doe to John Smith has been postponed. New wedding date to follow.”

“Unfortunately, we have to postpone our wedding due to the current situation. Please stay tuned for details!”

You can then send out save the dates or invitations once you’ve booked a new date.

Do I Have to Send Out New Invitations Too?

If you have already sent out your full wedding invitations, you may wonder whether you have to send new ones, as well as change the date cards. This depends on how much of an impact your postponement will have on your wedding.

If the only thing that’s changed is the date, and everything else is the same, you don’t necessarily need to send new invitations. Provided you’re still getting married in the same venue, at the same time of day, with the same dress code, etc- a change the date card will do.

However, if you’re also changing your venue, or any other important aspect of your big day, you should send new invitations. In this case, include a note on your change the date cards, informing guests that formal invitations will follow.