What to Pack in Your Wedding Overnight Bag

Most newlyweds stay at a hotel on their wedding night, whether it’s at the wedding venue itself or somewhere close by. Some brides even stay at the venue the night before the wedding, too – it makes getting ready in the morning so much easier! If you’re starting to think about your wedding overnight bag, congratulations: your big day is almost here.

But there’s a lot to remember to pack, and it can be overwhelming. It’s so easy to forget to pack something, especially when you’re in the throes of hectic last-minute wedding prep and beauty appointments. The best place to start is by making a list of everything you’ll need.

We’ve put together an ultimate checklist for your wedding overnight bag, including what you’ll need if you’re getting ready at the venue on the morning of your wedding. Feel free to use our guide as inspiration, and create your own personalised checklist based on our suggestions. Pack as much as you can in advance, and tick things off as you go!

Ultimate Wedding Overnight Bag Checklist

We’d recommend packing two bags: one for things you’ll need on your wedding day (e.g. cash to pay the suppliers), and one for items that you won’t need until the evening or the next day. That way, you won’t get things muddled, and can quickly access things as and when you need to. Travel storage bags, also called packing cubes, can help.

To make life easier, give your wedding party all of their clothes and accessories (such as the flower girl’s basket) in advance – ideally, at least a week before the wedding. You’ll have enough of your own belongings to worry about!

What you’ll need in your overnight bag will depend on many factors, such as whether you’re getting ready at home or at the venue. If we’ve listed anything that isn’t relevant, just skip it – on the other hand, if anything occurs to you that isn’t here, be sure to write it down. Pack your overnight bag at least a few days before the wedding, to avoid a last minute panic.

Getting Ready At the Venue

You’ll need to bring the following items if you’re staying at a hotel the night before the wedding, or getting ready at the venue on the morning of the wedding.
Keep these items packed separately from your overnight bag. Of course, if you’re getting ready at home and travelling straight to the ceremony, you can skip this section.

• Morning routine skincare products
• Your wedding outfit: wedding dress/suit, shoes, undergarments, tights, veil, hairpiece, garter, jewellery, clutch
• Shoe cushions or insoles
• Wedding rings
• Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue
• Anti-chafing gel or talcum powder
• Antiperspirant
• Wedding day makeup
• Bottle of bubbly to enjoy while getting ready with your bridesmaids
• Hair brush, elastics, clips and bobby pins
• Hair straightener or curling wand
• Hairspray/mousse
• Contact lenses (including case, contact solution and spare lenses)
• Perfume
• Robe or smock (to wear while getting ready – so no makeup gets on your dress)
• Rescue remedy or calming essential oils
• Handheld steamer for getting last-minute creases out of your wedding dress
• Wedding day emergency kit - a bag containing items that may come in handy during the course of your wedding day, such as sewing materials, first aid essentials and tissues

When you’re finished applying your makeup, pop it into your wedding emergency kit, so that you can have it close at hand. You may need to touch-up your makeup during the day, especially after eating. Give your emergency kit to your maid of honour or other trusted adult to look after for you.

Overnight Bag Essentials

Everything you’ll need for your wedding night, and the day after your wedding.

• Pyjamas or nightie
• Dressing gown
• Slippers
• Sleep mask
• Earplugs
• Lingerie
• Outfit for Day 2 (don’t forget undergarments and socks)
• Coat or jacket
• Sunglasses
• Comfortable shoes
• Jewellery and hair accessories to go with your Day 2 outfit
• Toothbrush and toothpaste
• Mouthwash
• Dental floss
• Skincare products (e.g. face wash, toner, moisturiser, lotion)
• Shower gel/soap
• Shampoo
• Conditioner
• Hair mask
• Razor and shaving cream
• Washcloth
• Deodorant
• Perfume
• Hair towel/turban
• Hairdryer
• Nail clippers
• Nail file
• Nail polish and remover
• Your makeup bag
• Sanitary towels or tampons
• Cotton pads
• Cotton buds
• Makeup remover
• Tissues
• Hair brush

Your accommodation will supply the basics, such as hand soap and towels. If you’re not sure what will and won’t be provided, give them a call beforehand. For example, some hotel rooms come with a hairdryer, whereas others don’t.

Miscellaneous Items

All the little things are equally important, but easy to forget!

• Mobile phone and charger
• Snacks (you’ll be surprised at how hungry you feel after the wedding!)
• Bottled water
• Chewing gum, breath mints or fresh breath spray
• Prescription medication
• Painkillers
• Contraceptives
• Umbrella
• Sunscreen
• Garment bag and shoe box for transporting your wedding outfit home safely
• Contact lenses or spectacles to wear on day 2
• Boxes or bags for transporting your wedding gifts and decorations home
• House keys (and car keys if applicable)
• Debit card, credit card or cash for paying your wedding suppliers (unless you’ve paid them in advance) – don’t forget the tip
• List of wedding suppliers’ contact numbers
• A copy of the wedding day itinerary
• Any sentimental items, or things you’d like your photographer to take pictures of (e.g. wedding stationery)
• A copy of your marriage vows, if you’re writing your own
• I.D. and any paperwork needed for the ceremony (ask your venue if you’re not sure)
• Gifts for your wedding party, if you’re giving these out on the day
• Any wedding ceremony or reception items, such as the guestbook, that aren’t already at the venue

Optional Extras

Finally, here are some optional extras that you may wish to bring with you, in case you have some spare time. It’s important to take five minutes to relax every now and then!

• Books or e-reader
• Game to play in the hotel room e.g. pack of cards, travel board game
• Notebook and pen
• MP3 player and headphones or portable speaker
• Laptop
• Portable DVD player
• Small bottle of your favourite bubble bath
• Pamper products e.g. face mask, manicure set, body lotion, massage oil
• Walking shoes, if your hotel/venue has gardens for you to explore
• Camera for taking pictures the day after the wedding

If you’re getting ready at home on the morning of the wedding, pack your overnight bag well in advance, and have someone bring it to your accommodation ahead of time. They should take it directly to your hotel room, so that it’ll be ready and waiting for you after the wedding. You don’t want to have to worry about bringing your suitcase with you in the wedding car!

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