What Is a Wedding Aisle Runner, and Do You Need One?

When it comes to planning your dream wedding, there are so many huge things to consider – your venue, the food, your colour scheme, and so on. But there are also lots of little details. And these are just as important, because they all add up to create the overall aesthetic of your big day.

The aisle runner is one detail that might not top the list of priorities for most brides, but if you have enough time and money, it may be a nice touch that will add some extra flair to your ceremony.
Today, we’ll discuss exactly what a wedding aisle runner is, and whether or not they’re necessary for every wedding. We’ll also share some tips on choosing the perfect aisle runner for your ceremony, and where you can buy them.

What Is an Aisle Runner?

An aisle runner is an important piece of wedding décor that is used to enhance the look of your ceremony room. Typically, aisle runners are only used during the wedding ceremony itself, rather than the reception – but you can definitely use it for both. Having a runner can make your wedding venue instantly look classier – think of the ‘red carpet’ at the Oscars!

As the name suggests, an aisle runner is simply a long strip of fabric that is placed on the floor, starting at the front door of the church (or other venue) and extending back towards the altar (or wherever you’ll be reciting your vows). It runs down the middle of the room, through the aisle, where guests will be seated either side during the service.

You can use an aisle runner whether you’re getting married indoors or outdoors, and they can be any colour. It might be nice to use a pretty fabric that coordinates with your colour scheme so the aisle runner will blend in well with all of your other décor elements.

Are Aisle Runners Necessary?

Like most other elements of wedding day décor – centrepieces, lights, flowers, and whatnot – wedding aisle runners aren’t exactly mandatory. But while they aren’t an absolute necessity, that doesn’t mean they serve no purpose!

1. An aisle runner adds atmosphere and flair to your ceremony. It's a beautiful way to set the tone for an elegant celebration.

2. You'll also have extra security in place in case anyone spills wine or otherwise makes a mess during the reception. It’s better for the aisle runner to catch a spill than the venue carpet – to save you paying the cleaning fee!

3. A runner also serves to protect your wedding dress from dirt or mud as you walk down the aisle, which might be a concern if you have an outdoor wedding.

It's also recommended you use an aisle runner if your ceremony is in the evening, to guide guests on where to go. After all, you don't want to leave your guests stumbling around in the dark!

How to Choose Your Aisle Runner

The first thing you should look for in an aisle runner is a no-slip design, so you'll never fear for your safety or that of your wedding dress as you walk down the aisle. While it's not terribly likely that anyone will slip, it's always better to be cautious and have an extra layer of protection.

You could also choose a runner with a fabric weave designed especially for high-traffic areas like this, though these kinds of runners are typically more expensive than those without this feature.
Before ordering your wedding aisle runner, you’ll need to measure the aisle itself (this means visiting the venue with a tape measure). You’ll want to make sure the runner you choose is the right width and length. Wedding aisle runners come in a variety of sizes as not all aisles are the same.

Wedding Aisle Runner Colours

The colour or pattern on your runner is up to you, although many couples opt for white, for that classic “white wedding” look. However, if you have a theme in mind, there are plenty of coloured aisle runners available if that's what you prefer; they're all pretty much interchangeable when it comes to ceremony decorating.

Be sure to not only take into account your wedding colour scheme, but also the colour scheme of the room the runner will be in – you don’t want it to clash with the wallpaper, for example.

Some couples also opt for candles on their runner; these make great centrepieces for outdoor ceremonies. However, if you're planning to light candles at your wedding, you must purchase a flameproof runner that won't present a fire hazard. (Or you could opt for battery-operated LED candles, as a safer option.)

What Are Wedding Aisle Runners Made Of?

Another consideration is the material the aisle runner is made of. They're typically made of polyester, nylon, or canvas. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Nylon is durable, but the material can be slippery when it's put beneath your feet, so you might want to avoid this type if you're worried about people tripping over the runner. On the other hand, polyester runners are non-slip, which is an excellent feature to look out for. It also means that your runner will last longer than one with nylon in it, but don't expect it to endure as long as other ceremony elements like centrepieces and floral arrangements.

Canvas aisle runners are extremely durable, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor weddings. They’re also non-slip, and made from a mixture of cotton, linen and sometimes PVC.

Can You Get Personalised Aisle Runners?

Most wedding aisle runners are plain, while some have images or patterns printed on them. You can also get personalised aisle runners that feature details of your wedding day, such as:

1. The newlyweds’ names
2. Your wedding date
3. A quote, sentiment or verse that means something special to you

Some wedding aisle runners can even be personalised with photographs or custom artwork, that can be uploaded directly to the design before it’s printed.

Where Can I Buy a Wedding Aisle Runner?

If you are thinking of getting an aisle runner, there’s no better place to go than Bride and Groom Direct. We stock an amazing array of beautiful aisle runners – you’re bound to find one that suits your celebration perfectly.
We've picked out some gorgeous designs for you to consider. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

A Tale As Old As Time Aisle Runner

This lovely design has a swirling script and a lovely red rose, as well as your names and wedding date, which are printed on a sturdy canvas.
Fashioned out of a durable canvas material, the first 1 1/2 meters of the aisle runner are printed with your personalisation details. This runner can be used both outside and inside.

Majestic Personalised Aisle Runner

At the outset, a vintage lace design incorporating stylistic botanical elements surrounds the bride and groom's names. Your wedding date is printed underneath the monochromatic design. This canvas runner is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Fairytale Castle Personalised Aisle Runner

This customised runner features a traditional fairy-tale castle on the front, making it ideal for any Disney, princess, or fairy-tale-themed wedding.
Because this runner is constructed of canvas, it can be used both indoors and outside.

Initials Personalised Aisle Runner

This lovely design incorporates a wreath motif surrounding the bride and groom's initials, with their wedding date neatly underneath.
Fuchsia, mint, and purple are some of the colours available.

Photo Personalised Aisle Runner

This personalised aisle runner features two hearts with two of your favourite photographs as the focal point. It is further personalised with your names and wedding date, surrounded by colourful hearts.
It can be used both outside and inside.

Final Thoughts on Wedding Aisle Runners

The wedding aisle runner is a beautiful, elegant, and affordable touch to any wedding. You can choose from many different colours and styles of runners to complement your theme or décor aesthetic. They are also durable, so you don't have to worry about them getting ruined by foot traffic.
Visit Bride and Groom Direct today to shop our selection of affordable, highly customisable wedding aisle runners. We offer a flat shipping rate, and you’ll receive your order within 5 to 7 days!

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