Wedding Party Gifts: Who to Buy For and What to Buy

As dictated by traditional wedding etiquette, the bride and groom are expected to buy gifts for their wedding party. This is a way of saying thank you for all of the effort, time and money that your friends and family have put into your wedding.

After all, your wedding party members all have important roles, and they all play a big part in your day. The bridesmaids, for example, organise and fund the bridal shower and hen party, overseen by the maid of honor.

Talking of money, the bride’s and groom’s parents traditionally pay for almost the entire wedding. It’s only right to thank them with a gift to show your appreciation for what they’ve done.

This guide will explain which members of the wedding party you have to buy a gift for. We’ll also give you some ideas for affordable and appropriate wedding party gifts.

Who Do the Bride and Groom Buy Gifts For?

As a general rule, you should buy a gift for anyone that has helped you out significantly with your wedding. That applies whether they’ve helped financially, spent time helping you shop or plan, or played a part in the smooth running of your big day.

Traditionally, the bride and groom buys gifts for:

● The mother of the bride
● The father of the bride
● The maid of honour
● The bridesmaids
● The best man

That’s an absolute minimum. However, depending on your personal preference (and/or how much they’ve helped you out), you can also buy gifts for the mother and father of the groom, the groomsmen, ushers, flower girl and page boy (or ring bearer).

Wedding Party Gift Ideas

In this section, we’ll give you a whole range of gift ideas for each member of your wedding party. Don’t just take our word for it, though - try to personalise your gifts, and buy everyone something that you know they’d appreciate.

Mother of the Bride Gifts

Chances are, the bride’s mother has helped you out a lot. Whether she helped choose your dress, or simply helped you de-stress on the big day, she deserves an extra-special thank you.

Classic gift options for the mother of the bride include flowers, perfume, wine and chocolates. If you want to go the extra mile, personalised jewellery - such as a ring, bracelet, or locket - is a great choice. This Mother of the Bride Wooden Trinket Box would make the perfect accompaniment to a gift of jewellery.

Father of the Bride Gifts

Traditionally, the father of the bride is responsible for funding almost the entire wedding. It’s only right to thank him for taking on such a financial burden, and making your wedding day a reality.

This Father of the Bride engraved hip flask, supplied in a luxury gift box, makes the perfect thank-you gift. These beer bottle cufflinks would make a great additional matching present, if you want to go the extra mile.

If he’s not a big drinker, you could opt for a fashionable pair of silver cufflinks, a rollerball or fountain pen set, or even a luxurious pair of warm woolen socks.

Maid of Honour Gifts

The maid of honour is probably the wedding party member that helps out the most with her time and hard work. She’s the one who supports the bride through all of the wedding planning, and takes on the responsibility of hosting the pre-wedding activities.

So, she deserves a gift that’ll make her feel as special as she is. This Maid of Honour heart necklace, encrusted with swarovski crystals, would be perfect. Alternatively, why not turn the maid of honour gift into an experience for the two of you? For example, vouchers for spa treatments or theatre tickets.

Bridesmaid Gifts

Avoid playing favourites here - other than the maid of honour, the rest of your bridesmaids should all receive the same gift. That way, nobody will be offended or upset.
These Bridesmaid Silver and Gold Charm Bracelets make ideal bridesmaid gifts. They come displayed in a foil-finished gift box with a message of thanks on the lid. Each bracelet features a number of delicate charms including hearts, stars and crystals.

For something a bit more grown-up, this Pink Hip Flask and Compact Mirror would be ideal. The mirror is bedazzled with pink and silver diamantes for a luxurious finish.

Best Man Gifts

The best man is the groom’s rock, head organiser and personal therapist. It’s his job to make sure the groom doesn’t lose his head, get too drunk at the stag do, or get lost on the way to the wedding!

To thank your best man for all his hard work and dedication, these Rectangle Best Man Cufflinks do the job perfectly. Or, if you’d prefer something he can use again and again, try this elegant Amore Glass Best Man Tankard.

Groomsmen and Usher Gifts

Your groomsmen and ushers play an important role in your wedding. It’s their job to make sure everyone finds their seats, socialise with your wedding guests and make everyone feel happy and comfortable.

These Personalised Tiny Pewter Tankards make fun and thoughtful gifts for any male members of your wedding party. They can be customised with up to three lines of text - a message of thanks, or your groomsmen’s names, for example. Big enough to hold 3oz of liquid, they’d be perfect for celebrating with shots at the stag do!

Flower Girl and Page Boy Gifts

The youngest members of your wedding party, the flower girl and page boy (or ring bearer) are potentially the easiest to buy for. Toys, sweets and games always go down a treat with children of all genders.

For example, this beautiful silver Personalised Yoyo makes a perfect fun gift for any page boy. You can have it engraved with his initials, for a special touch.

For the fashion-conscious flower girl, why not treat her to this gorgeous Flower Girl Charm Bracelet. Complete with silver, gold and pink charms and an enamel flower, it’s displayed in a satin-lined gift box.

Mother and Father of the Groom Gifts

As it’s the responsibility of the bride’s family to fund and help organise the wedding, you don’t need to go all-out for gifts for the groom’s parents. However, it’s only fair to thank them for any help they’ve given you - as well as, of course, raising the groom!

It’s perfectly acceptable to give the mother and father of the groom a joint gift. A beautiful bouquet of flowers, for example, is a good choice. For something a little more personal, consider this Personalised Candle, which you can customise with the groom’s parents' names and a message of thanks. A family photo in an elegant frame, such as this Falling Crystals photo frame, also makes a lovely sentimental present.

When Do You Give the Wedding Party Their Gifts?

Now that you’ve decided what you’re buying for your wedding party, only one question remains: when do you give them their gifts?

Traditionally, wedding party members receive their gifts during the toasts and speeches after the wedding breakfast. However, you may choose to do things differently if you prefer.

For example, if you’ve bought your best man some cufflinks, you may wish for him to wear them during the wedding ceremony itself. You should therefore make sure he has his gift before the big day.

If you want your wedding party to open their gifts before the wedding, some good options are:

● During the rehearsal dinner
● During the hen party and stag party
● The morning of the wedding, while you’re getting ready together.

You could, alternatively, wait until after the wedding. Arrange an informal lunch with your wedding party (either separately or together) and give them their gifts then. You could also use this opportunity to hand-deliver some of your thank you cards.

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