Wedding Inspiration: Paper-Theme Wedding Ideas

We happen to love paper. It’s no wonder, considering we have a whole online shop dedicated to stationery and invitations! We’re a little kooky like that. It’s paper, paper, all day long. So, a wedding inspired by paper is obviously close to our hearts.

Whether you use it in the literary sense (like they did above), or to add punch, DIY elegance and/or colour to your décor, paper adds unexpected and fun touches all over your wedding day or evening. Read on, peeps…

 It’s a paper affair!

Well, this one’s sort of a given, but start your wedding planning by choosing the perfect wedding invitation, like our Pearls Day Invitation, which presents its parchment-paper-esque feel in a wallet style with lovely scalloped edges. A subtle hint that guests are in for more paper beauties on the big day. This delicate design can be found online, get your Pearls Day Invitation.

Bunt it up!

A paper-inspired wedding can really play up the wall or hanging décor. One idea is to hang Just Married Bunting across the wall behind the bride and groom’s reception chairs. You could also use it over the guest book table. It looks sweet in photos, too…and is bound to have you grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat on your wedding day. There's so many styles to choose from, go online and take a look at our wedding bunting! 

Centre stage

Probably one of the most surprising ways you can use paper is in your centrepiece(s). You can go with a bright array of paper florals, like the bride did above for her paper flower centrepiece, or choose a monochrome style in all white, or another colour—any which way you please, guests will be delighted by your creativity! Oh, and your bank account will happily accept this budget-friendly option to real flowers.

Rainbow bright bouquet

Take this for a whirl! We are slightly obsessed with this beautiful paper flower bouquet by Etsy vendor FlowerThyme. Bet you none of your friends ever walked down the aisle with something like this in hand?! Besides your paper-themed event, it also would work exceptionally well for a carnival-themed wedding. It’ll make you want to skip down the aisle! 

The essentials

If you’re having a casual wedding or a cocktail hour as part of the day, consider including Luncheon Napkins — one of those small essentials that can continue to carry out your theme. Pick one or a few different colours, and the napkins come printed with the words “Just Married,” your names and wedding date.

Cut it out

What an elegant way to say “thank you for attending!”. Make your favour boxes and bags paper-perfect! Die-cut hearts tease at the ingredients inside the Decorative Favour Box.

Quiz whiz

Add a paper game to your place settings! Give guests something else that’s fun to do while they are waiting for their dinner to be served with these fun Elegant Butterfly Trivia Cards, which include three questions and a scratch-off answer that tells if your guests know what’s what when it comes to weddings! Make sure to go online and order your beautiful Elegant Butterfly Trivia Cards!

Looking For More Paper Stationery & Accessories For Your Wedding?

We hope you have tasted the wonderful and vibrant range of applications one can do with paper at weddings! That's just the beginning, Bride & Groom Direct want you to see all we have to offer! From stationery, decor, accessories and invitations, all the way to personalised keepsakes, make sure you visit our jam packed wedding paper shop.

What is your wedding theme? What inspired you? Let us know in the comments section rig

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