The Best Fairy-tale Wedding Ideas to Make Your Day More Magical

Once upon a time, you were just a youngster dreaming of a magical fairy-tale wedding. Then, your prince charming or princess perfect came along and proposed. Now it’s time for you to live your ultimate dream, and organise a beautiful fairy-tale wedding that would make your childhood self tremble with excitement!

Whether you want an intimate, small affair or a huge magical wedding, the fairy-tale theme is a fantastic one that will work in almost any setting. You could go all-out and tie the knot in a gorgeous medieval castle, or take the peasant route and wed in a beautiful fairy-tale cottage or barn. As long as you have the right dress, décor and colour schemes, you’ll pull off this beautiful theme with no problems.
So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Fairy-tale Theme Wedding Designs and Ideas

As with most themes, the little details are indispensable when it comes to fairy-tale weddings. To achieve this kind of dream, you need to pay attention to everything from the venue to the table centrepieces. Your fairy-tale dream will slowly come together as a combination of lots of little design ideas.

While planning your fairy-tale-themed wedding can be fun and exciting, it can also be challenging. Here are some designs and ideas to inspire you and pull off the dazzling wedding you have been dreaming about.

Fairy-Tale Wedding Dresses

You may not be royalty but you can always be a stunning princess on your big day. Play the part of by wearing a big, beautiful wedding dress made of rich fabrics like silk and lace with intricate beading and detailing.
From classic to gorgeous modern designs, there will always be a wedding dress that fits your chosen fairy-tale wedding theme.
There are themed designer lines that offer a range of options if you’re fascinated by Disney’s legendary princesses. Sleeveless gowns, mermaid cut, A-line, and sheath are a few of the wedding gown creations with modern twists.
Find the best wedding dress with embroidery, crystals, beads, and other accents of different train lengths and sizes. For a dramatic and classic look, go for a ball gown, or opt for a wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline to flatter your figure.Fairy-Tale Wedding Venues

Do you prefer to have an indoor or outdoor wedding?

Regardless of your choice, you just have to be extra creative. Thankfully, with the availability of wedding venue options, a commoner can still feel like royalty on her big day.
Stunning settings like mansions, villas, castles, estates, forests, gardens, and even your backyard are magical spaces that make them stand out from the usual wedding venues. With these wedding venues, there will always be one or two options available regardless of your location and budget.

Backyard Venue

Working on a budget cannot stop you from achieving that fairy-tale dream wedding. Transform your backyard into a garden oasis while saving on venue costs. There are a lot of ways to bring that fantasy to life through vibrant coloured flowers and decorations.
Exchange “I do” in a place that is familiar and homey. Glam up your regular backyard with simple, classic, lush, romantic, or modern arrangements for that unforgettable wedding experience. However, consider the number of guests, chair, table, and tent rentals before picking this option.

Villas and Mansions

The UK has some of the best villa-style wedding venues worthy of being photo backdrops. Most of these wedding houses have an intimate and romantic setting for that relaxed feel. Wherever you are in the UK, villas and wedding houses are the epitome of sophistication, charm, and romance.


These fortified structures are the ultimate fairy-tale wedding venues for the ceremony and the reception. The fantastic interiors, spacious grounds, and lovely gardens are absolutely incredible your guests will also love.
Packed with ancient history, fabulous exteriors, and stylish interiors, UK wedding castle venues have it all. Wasing Park in Berkshire, Rowton Castle in Shropshire, Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire, Leeds Castle, Kent, and Hensol Castle are few castle wedding venues that will never disappoint.

Cottages and Barns

You don’t always have to play the part of the prince and princess in your very own fairy tale. If you’re looking for a slightly more affordable or low-key celebration, but still want a whimsical or fantasy theme, a cute thatched cottage or barn with beautiful flowery gardens would be just as good for a fairy-tale wedding.

Fairy-Tale Wedding Colour Schemes

Choosing your wedding colour scheme can be daunting. Here are some ideas to help you come up with the perfect scheme for your fairy-tale wedding.
Why not choose your main wedding colours based on your favourite Disney princess? You can take inspiration from Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, Snow White, or Sleeping Beauty for example.
The traditional Cinderella-inspired colour theme would be pale blue and white if you stick true to the theme of the movie. However, you can have the white replaced with silver or something sparkling.

On the other hand, you can go for gold, silver and royal blue or purple for real-life royalty inspirations. Or leave your guests in awe by choosing colours based on the time of the year.

You will never go wrong with silver, gold, dark blue, and deep red if your wedding falls in the winter season. Pick vibrant hues for summer fairy-tale weddings and candy-like colours for weddings in spring.
And of course, pink is an absolutely classic fairy-tale wedding colour that you’ll never struggle to find matching decorations for.

Fairy-Tale Wedding Décor

Speaking of wedding decorations, they’re all-important in a fairy-tale wedding to set the mood of the event. Fairy-tale wedding decorations will not only impress your guests but also accentuate the space, making it more elegant and enchanting.

Set the entire feel of the event and the reception with these decorations, for example:

1) Elaborate glass or crystal chandeliers
2) Blooming archway
3) Vintage candelabras
4) Vintage candle holders
5) Flower garlands and flag buntings (perfect in a castle setting)
6) Hanging lanterns and sparkling fairy lights
7) Fresh flower table decorations

Don’t forget to pay attention to the lighting and table setting. Centre pieces like candleholders work great with wooden banquet tables.
Glass bell jars, mason jars with dried baby breath for that pixie dust look, fairy jars, tree stump slices for that secret garden feel, glass slippers, miniature carousel, and rose petal runners are popular centre pieces that are simple yet elegant.

Fairy-Tale Wedding Transportation

No fairy-tale is complete without a horse-drawn carriage, so this is the standard choice for a fairy-tale wedding. Or, be the centre of attraction and arrive at your wedding reception on horseback like a knight in shining armour!
But if this doesn’t suit you – either it’s out of your budget, or you don’t want animals involved on your big day – you can always opt for a gorgeous vintage wedding car, or even an old-fashioned limousine. Really, as most fairy-tales take place in medieval times, as long as you arrive in retro or vintage fashion, you’ll look the part.

Fairy-Tale Wedding Stationery

Your wedding invitations will set the tone of the wedding, so choosing the correct wording is crucial. Use popular lines from your favourite fairy-tale, for example, to make it more magical and romantic. Rhymes can also add a whimsical feel to let guests know to expect a fantasy-themed big day.
For that “happily ever after” effect, you can have a customised photoshoot to use for your wedding invitations. Use tiaras, crowns, or carriage images to integrate royalty. And of course, choose a looping, calligraphy-style font to set the whole thing off.
Of course, the design that you choose for your wedding invitations (and other stationery) is just as important as the wording. You want to choose traditional and vintage designs that will suit your wedding theme to help tie the aesthetic together. Anything too modern or contemporary isn’t going to suit a fairy-tale wedding.
Ribbons, gems and other embellishments really help fairy-tale wedding stationery stand out, as do additions like lace and love hearts.

Where Can I Buy Fairy-Tale Wedding Stationery and Accessories?

At Bride and Groom Direct, we have over 100 years’ experience providing beautiful and professionally-printed wedding stationery to the UK. We stock hundreds of different designs, including:
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3) Reply cards
4) Menu cards
5) Table plans
6) Place cards
And much, much more!

Our vintage, traditional and floral designs would work beautifully with a fairy-tale themed wedding. For example, this luxurious Jasper wedding day invitation features delicate crepe paper printed with a floral pattern and a gorgeous satin ribbon, perfect for a magical celebration.

Every design on our site can be fully customised, for free, with the click of a button. Simply open our online editor to easily input all of your wedding details and edit the wording to your liking.
We also stock a huge range of matching wedding accessories including guest books, table decorations, favour boxes and wall decorations. Head to our website today to browse our beautiful range.

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