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White Traditional Wedding Place Cards

Much more than just a gesture of organisation or a simple act of courtesy you must offer your guests; wedding name place cards are one of those details that champion your wedding theme, whilst also reminding each guest that you have thought of them on your special day.

With over 100 stunning designs, ranging from the elegant and simple to the whimsical and fun, each of our place cards for weddings come at budget-friendly prices so we are certain that you can spark your signature personality into your wedding celebrations. A choice of personalised and blank wedding place cards available for you to choose from.

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 Products Found
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 Products Found

Personalised Wedding Place Cards and More at Bride & Groom Direct

On top of the collection of stunning personalised wedding place cards that are available at Bride & Groom Direct, we also have additional place card products that can help add a touch of elegance to your wedding day.

Our place card holders and table card holders are a brilliant way to show off the spectacular place cards that you have selected for your big day!

To take a closer look at the place and table card holders that we have available at Bride & Groom Direct, head over to our wedding place card & table card holders page now.

Add to your wedding name cards with further stunning wedding stationery!

Check out more of the breath-taking wedding stationery that we provide at Bride & Groom Direct to help you in making your highly anticipated day complete.

On top of place cards, we also offer wedding invitations, reply cards, thank you cards and much more so be sure to choose the wedding experts at Bride & Groom Direct for all your wedding stationery needs!

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Wedding place cards are just one piece of wedding stationery that you’ll need for your wedding day. They are around the size of business cards, but don’t have the same things printed on them. Normally all that’s on them is a person’s name. You order one for each guest and put a card in front of each place at the table.

You can have them printed by a professional printer like Bride & Groom Direct. Like all things wedding-related, you can order them in any colour you like, in any shape you like, and with any design you like! This means that your place cards will fit the theme or colour scheme of your big day. You can also buy and use wedding place card holders to make them look even better.

But what are they for, and why do you need them? Can you get away with not ordering any?

What Are Wedding Place Cards For?

The point of wedding place cards is to ensure that each guest sits in the right place, and at the right table, at your wedding reception.

If you haven’t yet started preparing your wedding reception, beware: it can be surprisingly tricky! In a big group of guests, there will almost certainly be two people who don’t get on. There are also some people who are best friends, but who might cause trouble if they’re sat together… And on top of that, you have to find room for people who don’t know anybody else at the reception. That’s why couples figure out seating plans for their wedding receptions.

But as in all things, a seating plan may not work in practise. There will be people who don’t know where to sit, and others who want to pick their own place at the table. Wedding place cards address both of these problems: they help guests find their places, and make it awkward for guests to pick their own place without being noticed (or told off).

FAQs: Do You Need Wedding Place Cards?

You can have a wedding reception without place cards, although doing so will mean a higher chance of things going wrong. First, they may think that they can sit anywhere. If everybody does the same, some guests might argue, and others might be left out.

If the guests don’t assume they can sit anywhere, they’ll want to ask somebody. That will either be you or the parents of the bride: whoever organised the wedding. Place cards prevent that stress before it starts.

Besides that, personalised wedding place cards make good mementos: everybody gets one, provided one was put at every place at every table. And if they’re a nice design in a nice colour? Even better.

How Much Do Wedding Place Cards Cost?

Unlike most other things wedding-related, wedding place cards aren’t expensive. We have dozens of designs for just 50p each. The final price depends on how many guests you’re inviting. But if you’re only having a small wedding for fifty guests, that means a grand total of £25. As you’ll know if you’ve checked the price of everything else at a wedding, that’s next to nothing!

If you’d like something a little more fancy, then you can opt for a luxury card. These come with foil borders or printed designs. But there are options for everyone.

How Do I Know I’ll Like the Final Design?

One major issue with wedding stationery is that things look different online to their final printed form. The colour of the card may not look the same on your phone screen as it does when it’s printed, for example.

We take customer satisfaction seriously, so we send you a ‘proof’ before we fully print your order. If you aren’t happy, you can change the design or appearance of your place cards in any way you like, free of charge. Or, you can pick a new design altogether!

Where to Order Wedding Place Cards

You can get wedding place cards from professional printers online, or on the High Street. But at Bride & Groom Direct, we firmly believe that we’re your best choice. That’s because:

1)      We print everything from place cards to Thank You cards. You can order all of your wedding stationery from us in one go, saving you time. If you like, you can have all your stationery printed in the same color, so that it all matches perfectly.

2)      We cut out the middle man. Most shops you can buy wedding stationery from don’t print it themselves, so charge more to make a profit. We don’t do that.

3)      You can personalise all of our wedding stationery. You can pick from our exclusive selection of more than a hundred designs, and have them printed in the colour of your choice.

If you’re not sure where to buy your wedding stationery from, why not take a look at our selection below? We have designs to suit anybody and everybody, and at a price point that suits too.

Different Wedding Place Card Designs

There are lots of ways to make your wedding reception unique. One way is to use an interesting wedding place card design. There are lots of different ways you can spice up your place cards:

-          Different colours. Our range includes more than a hundred default designs in different colours. With many of them, you can pick between dozens of different colours to match the rest of your wedding.

-          Different shapes. Some place cards are rectangular, others are square. Others still have a cut-out design on one side (e.g. heart shapes). Pick whatever suits your wedding reception best!

-          Different borders and patterns. Some place cards have printed borders or foil borders which make them stand out.

Take a look through the dozens of designs below and see if anything takes your fancy. If you like what you see, you can order it for a great price and have it land through your letterbox in a matter of days.