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Wedding Thank You Cards

Wedding thank you cards are a wonderful way to say thanks to all of the friends, family and loved ones who have helped make your special day perfect.

Our thank you cards can be tailored to a variety of styles and formats, so you can say thank you in both a memorable and personal way. Your closest family will want to celebrate, remember and look back on the day you tied the knot just as much as you, so why not say thank you with a beautiful personalised memento.

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Create the Ultimate Wedding Thank You Cards Pack

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Thank You Cards and Other Wedding Stationery at Bride & Groom Direct

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Wedding Thank You Cards

If you’ve recently got married, congratulations! But the planning and organisation isn’t quite over yet. The last task has to wait until after the wedding day: sending out thank you cards.

Thank you cards are an essential part of wedding etiquette. They are the way you show gratitude to each of your guests, and everyone else who’s helped out with your big day.

Organising, writing and sending thank you cards for can be a daunting job. But it can be made easier if you order your thank you cards online, with Bride & Groom Direct. We’ll print and fold your cards for you, and send them straight to your door.

All orders for thank you cards placed with Bride & Groom Direct come with envelopes. So the only thing left for you to do is sign each one, stamp and address the envelopes, and post them out.

What Are Wedding Thank You Cards For?

Unless you eloped, your guests played a huge part in your wedding day. It’s a privilege and a joy to be able to share the biggest day of your life with friends, family and loved ones. That’s why it’s so important to show your guests that you appreciate them.

Your guests may have had to schedule take time off work, arrange childcare, or travel great distances to attend your wedding. Even if none of the above apply, they still opted to spend a day celebrating your love. It’s definitely worth a thank-you!

Wedding thank you cards are a great way to show gratitude to anyone who attended your wedding, bought a gift, or helped organise or fund your big day.

Why Choose Bride & Groom Direct?

At Bride & Groom Direct, we offer a fantastic range of wedding thank you cards, to suit all styles and colour schemes.  With over 100 different designs to choose from, you’re bound to find one that suits you.

Our prices start from as little as £0.50 per card. So if you’re looking for cheap wedding thank you cards, there’s no better place. But we don’t skimp on quality – all of our wedding stationery is printed to an extremely high standard.

Many of our designs are customisable, so you can change the text and colour to suit your preference. To make life easier, you can type a message inside, or select one of our blank cards to write your own note.

For personalised orders, we’ll always send you a proof, which you can check and amend free of charge. After you’ve approved the proof, we aim to deliver your wedding thank you cards within 3 to 5 working days!

FAQs: Who Gets a Wedding Thank You Card?

There’s no set rule as to who you have to send thank you cards to. But as a general rule, you should send a thank you card to everyone who helped with or attended your wedding.

·         The wedding party (bridesmaids and groomsmen)

·         Everyone else who attended the wedding ceremony and/or reception

·         Anyone who helped pay for your wedding, e.g. the bride and groom’s parents

·         Anyone who gave you a card or gift, or sent you well wishes (even if they weren’t able to attend the wedding)

You only need to send one card per couple or family. There’s no need to send a card for each individual guest (unless you really want to).

Some couples also choose to send thank you cards to their vendors – for example, the photographer or florist. This isn’t strictly necessary, as you’ve paid them for their services, but it is a way to show your appreciation if they helped make your day special.

You may wonder: should I send thank you cards to guests who didn’t give a gift? It’s entirely up to you, but we’d suggest that you do. There are many reasons why a guest might not have brought a gift, and it was probably not done out of malice. You should still thank them for sharing your special day with you.

Also, bear in mind that traditionally, guests have up to a year after the wedding to send a gift. So it’s best to thank everyone, just in case!

When Should You Send Wedding Thank You Cards?

You should always send out your thank you cards as soon as possible. That way, you won’t have any trouble remembering who to thank, or who got you what gift.

There’s a common misconception that you have a whole year after getting married to send thank-you cards. But in reality, this isn’t quite true. If you wait too long, your guests may feel that you’ve forgotten them!

As a general rule, aim to have all your thank you cards signed, sealed and delivered no later than 3 months after the wedding. But if you can send them sooner, such as within the first month, we’d recommend that you do.

If you order from Bride & Groom Direct, you’ll have your cards within 3 to 5 working days. So get started as soon as you get back from your honeymoon, and you can’t go wrong.

How Do You Write Wedding Thank You Cards?

There are two different ways to write a wedding thank you card:

·         Type out a generic message for the inside of every card, and sign each one by hand. Choose something that will apply to every guest, such as “Thank you for sharing our special day with us.”

·         Order blank cards, and write a personalised message for each guest by hand.

Choosing the first option saves a lot of time, especially if you have a lot of people to thank. You just have to sign your name on each one, rather than write out a long message.

Although either option is acceptable, handwriting a customised message for each guest is seen as the more thoughtful option.

Writing a message gives you an opportunity to thank each guest personally. You can thank them for the specific gift they got you, and for the specific role they played in your wedding (if applicable).

If the guest gave you a cash gift, you don’t need to mention the amount. However, you could let them know what you’re planning to spend it on. You don’t have to have neat handwriting!

It doesn’t matter who actually writes the thank you cards, but both of you should sign your name at the bottom. You should always do this by hand – it’s a nice touch that shows you care.

Can You Get Personalised Wedding Thank You Cards?

There are many different types of wedding thank you cards. Some have a generic design on the front, e.g. a floral pattern, a love heart, or a cartoon bride and groom. Others can contain personalised text, or even your own photograph.

At Bride & Groom Direct, you can choose! Our Photo Upload wedding thank you card allows you to add your very own photo to the front of your thank you cards. Your guests will love the personalised touch, and can even keep the card as a memento.

If you’d rather not include a photo, just choose one of our cards with customisable text. Our ordering tool will take you through the simple process of editing the text to your liking.

You can choose the font, colour, and even the size of the text. Choose from our pre-set wedding thank you messages, or write your own!