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Wedding Table Plans & Seating Plans

A Wedding Table Plan is one of the essential aspects of a wedding which simply must be planned! With many family members and friends coming together all at once, it can be easy to forget where to seat everyone.

We have a fantastic range of personalised table plans, allowing you to outline and plan your seating arrangements and avoid wedding day confusion. We provide a professional print service for a high quality finish. Table plans also make a lovely keepsake for you in years to come.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 77 Products Found

If you’re planning on having an official wedding reception, you will need a table plan. A table plan lets guests see at a glance which table they should sit at. As a piece of wedding stationery, the table plan is a large card with several things printed on it:

-          The names of the couple

-          A design of your choice

-          The names of each of your guests, separated into their respective tables

The names are displayed in lists. The tables are separated, often into boxes with borders; the table name tops the list, and the names of the guests are displayed in the list below.

What Is a Wedding Table Plan For?

The point of a wedding table plan is to tell guests where to sit. In large events like these, it’s hard to manually guide guests where you need them to go. But if you have a table plan that every guest can look at, they can organise themselves.

What table plans aren’t for is for telling guests where they’ll sit at the table. That’s what place cards are for. So, the guest can check the table plan to see which table they will be sitting at, and then find their place card at the table to know exactly where to sit.

Besides its obvious function, a table plan helps elevate a wedding reception above a normal gathering. At a regular family event, guests can sit where they like. But a wedding reception is more formal and more important, which is something that a table plan helps to enforce. So, in addition to guiding your guests, a table plan adds an air of formality to proceedings.

Why Order a Wedding Seating Plan from Bride & Groom Direct?

At Bride & Groom Direct, we have printed wedding table plans and lots more for decades. Our expertise and specialist equipment mean that whichever design you pick from our catalogue below, you can be assured of the highest quality.

Better still, every single one of our products can be personalised. All you have to do is tell us the names of your guests, and where you’d like them to sit. Then, we professionally print your table plan with every name in the right place. You can pick from lots of different colours and designs, too.

FAQs: Do You Need a Table Plan for a Wedding Reception?

If you want your wedding reception to run smoothly, you need a table plan. There are two main things which can go wrong if you don’t have one:

-          Guests sit at the wrong tables. If you spent lots of time arranging a seating plan that everybody will be happy with, this could be ruined if guests don’t know where to sit.

-          Guests ask you where they’re supposed to sit. This can disturb you when you’re supposed to be enjoying your wedding reception.

At a small reception, this will be less of a problem. With only your closest friends and family attending, there should be no issue with guests finding their own places. That’s doubly true if the families already know each other.

But for a larger, more formal wedding, a table plan is a must. It will prevent the issues above and ensure that you have a smooth and happy evening.

Do You Need a Top Table at a Wedding Reception?

The top table/head table is an important part of wedding tradition. It seats the most important members of the wedding party: typically  the bride and groom, the bride’s mother and father, the best man and the chief bridesmaid, although precise numbers and arrangements are the couple’s choice.

Many couples choose not to have a top table because it separates couples (e.g. the best man and his wife, the chief bridesmaid and her husband). This is commonly seen in modern weddings, especially less formal ones.

The table plan can illustrate whether or not there will be a top table. If it does, it will run horizontally across the top of the plan. This can be personalised in the same way that any of the other tables can, which means you can choose any guests you like to sit with you.

There are also several designs which don’t have a top table included. These work well if you don’t plan on having one.

Where Should I Put My Table Plan?

You need to put the table plan somewhere that your guests will see it. As such, couples put the table plan at the entrance to the venue or room their reception is going to be held in. That way, guests can see it as they enter.

To ensure that your guests see it, you need it to be held or hung up. You can either:

-          Pin the table plan to the wall

-          Hang the table plan on a piece of string, like a painting

-          Place the table plan on an easel

-          Lean the table plan against something on a table

Which choice you make depends on the kind of reception the table plan is for. An easel, for example, suits an elegant wedding while hanging the table plan up with rough string suits a rustic reception.

How Much Does a Wedding Seating Plan Cost?

Each couple decides on their own budget before choosing what kind of table plan they would like. You could opt for a simple DIY table plan; many couples use a large mirror, for example, or grouped photo frames. This is a good way of saving on the £65-70 cost of having one printed.

While a professionally printed wedding seating chart is more expensive, it offers several advantages. One will:

-          Save you time, as you don’t have to write out everybody’s names

-          Be clearly legible so that nobody mistakes where they’re supposed to sit

-          Give your reception a more formal, more organised air

As such, what kind of seating plan you opt for depends on the kind of wedding ceremony and reception you want to host.