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Do You Get Father of The Groom a Gift?

What a lovely gesture that would be! So when it comes to your wedding day it’s always nice to show a little appreciation for all his support and make his day with a wedding gift that encompasses just how much he means to you.

At Bride & Groom Direct our collection of unique wedding gifts for fathers range from the fun and entertaining to the truly heartfelt and will always deliver the message of appreciation straight from your heart.

If your dad is a bit of football fanatic, why not get him a pair of our Red Card Cufflinks? He’ll be ‘sending you off’… to get married with a big smile! Alternatively, if he’s a bit of a high flyer in the corporate world, why not add a little style to a personalised gift with our engraved Pen and Box Sets?

Superb quality

Superb quality, service was exactly as stated.Updates every step of the way. Would definitely recommendRebecca Smith