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Wedding Drink Tokens

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Wedding Drink Tokens

Wedding drink tokens, also known as drink tickets, provide an easy way for you to buy each of your guests a drink. Rather than placing wine on the tables, which some guests may not like, drink tokens allow your guests to choose their preferred beverage.


If you want to give thanks to your guests for sharing your special day, then wedding drink tokens are a great option. You can even use them as wedding favours. Theyre perfect if you cant provide an open bar, but you dont want your guests to have to pay for all of their own drinks.



What Are Wedding Drink Tokens?


Theyre small tokens, typically round or square, and made out of cardboard, wood or plastic. Drink tokens are usually embellished with a pretty design that matches your wedding theme. They are printed with the words drink token, drink ticket or free drink.


You can choose how many tokens you provide to each guest. On your wedding day, all your guests need to do is head to the bar, and exchange their token for a tipple of their choice. Almost all venues will let you use them, but do check before ordering, just in case.



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FAQs: Are Wedding Drink Tokens Expensive?


You can use practically anything youd like as a drink token. You could even make your own. However, the easy and hassle-free option is to buy a bulk pack of drink tokens from a reputable wedding stationer such as Bride & Groom Direct.

Our wedding drink tokens look beautiful and professional, but they aren
t expensive. In fact theyre one of the most affordable wedding accessories you can buy. They come in bulk packs, and you can choose from a range of different styles to fit your wedding theme.

Our drink tokens could actually end up saving you money. If you don
t use drink tokens, and offer an open bar instead, youll likely end up spending much more - as theres no limit on how many drinks each guest can have.


How Do Drink Tokens Work?


Drink tokens are an easy way for you to give each of your wedding guests a free drink (or two, or three).

s how they work.


1.       Talk to your venue before your wedding day, and explain that you want to use drink tokens. Decide which types of drinks youd like the tokens to be redeemable for.

2.       On your wedding day, give your guests their tokens (one token for however many free drinks you want each guest to have).

3.       Your guests can then go up to the bar when they please, and exchange one token for one drink.

4.       The bartender will put all your guests drinks onto a tab, which you have to pay after all the tokens have been used.

5.       When your guests have run out of tokens, they have to start paying for their own drinks.

You can have your guests use their tokens during the wedding breakfast, the evening reception, or both. At the end of the night, you have to settle the tab with the venue. Unfortunately, the drinks are only free for your guests, not you!


When Do I Hand Out Drink Tokens?


You can hand out your drink tokens before the ceremony, during the wedding breakfast, or at the start of the evening reception.


You have a few options when it comes to handing out wedding drink tokens. You could give all the tokens to your ushers, and hand them out to each guest as they enter the venue.

Alternatively, place the drinks tokens on the tables, next to each guest
s place card. For a fun touch, you could put the drink tokens inside a little organza or satin bag, and use them as wedding favours.

t be tempted to include drinks tokens inside your wedding invitations. As drink tokens are small and light, theyre easily lost. Your guests could misplace them before the big day, or forget to bring them along.

Do All Venues Accept Drink Tokens?

Almost every wedding venue should allow you to use drink tokens. That is, as long as the venue has got a bar that guests can order drinks from. If your venue requires you to pre-order drinks, and have them sent out to the tables, drink tokens probably wont work.

Talk to your venue if youre thinking about using wedding drink tokens. Theyll advise you as to whether drink tokens will work. If not, they should be able to give you an idea of what you can do instead.

If you
re planning to use drink tokens, you must inform your venue beforehand. Theyll want to confirm certain details with you, for example:


     What drinks would you like guests to be able to exchange their tokens for?

     How many tokens are you going to give each guest?

     Do you want the venue to throw the tokens away once exchanged, or keep them for you to collect afterwards?

     Whos going to settle the tab, and when? (Some venues will add this to your overall bill; others will want you to pay for it separately)

s important that youve organised everything with your venue before the big day. That way, everyone knows how its going to work, and therell be no confusion.

Alternatives to Wedding Drink Tokens

If you cant afford a fully open bar, but you arent sure whether you want to have drink tokens at your wedding, there are several alternatives.


     Offer an open bar, but only for certain drinks (e.g. soft drinks, beer, cider and wine). If your guests want a more expensive option, such as spirits, theyll have to pay. The downside to this method is that some guests may take advantage of your generosity.

     Give your venue a set amount of money that your guests can spend on drinks. When the money runs out, your guests have to buy any future drinks. The downside of this is that some guests may order more than others, and spend more than their fair share.

     Provide wine and water for your guests at the table, but if they want any different drinks, they have to use their own money. The downside of this approach is that some guests may not like wine, and may feel that its unfair.

Drink tokens are easily the best option. They solve all of the problems posed by the above approaches.


You can choose how many drinks to provide (e.g. one, two or three tokens per guest), so you wont have to spend more than you can afford. As each guest has a set number of tokens, nobody can take more than their fair share. They can use their tokens on a variety of drinks, so nobody will be stuck with a drink they dont like.


Are Wedding Drink Tokens Reusable?


Your guests can only use each of their drink tokens once, to redeem one drink. If they could use the token as many times as they liked, it would completely defeat the purpose - you might as well have an open bar instead!

However, once your wedding is over, you can certainly use your drink tokens again. Simply ask the bartender to collect the drink tokens in a pot behind the bar, instead of throwing them away. Then, when you pay the tab at the end of the night, you can get the tokens back.


Youre then free to use your drink tokens again at any future event. For example: an anniversary dinner, birthday party or family gathering. You could even give them as a gift to another couple who are about to get married!