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Wedding Order of Service Cards

A wedding Order of Service card is an integral piece of stationery for your big day, which builds up excitement among your guests, and allows all of your family and friends to see exactly how your wedding day will pan out.

Furthermore, the wedding Order of Service cards at Bride & Groom Direct also provide your nearest and dearest with a precious memento to cherish for years!

At Bride & Groom Direct we host a wide range of stunning wedding Order of Service cards that can effectively compliment the rest of your wedding stationery. Our Order of Service cards are available in an abundance of themes, colours and personalisation options meaning you are ensured to find the Order of Service card that you desire below.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 Products Found
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 Products Found

Order of Service Wedding Ideas to Make Your Big Day Extra Special

At Bride & Groom Direct we have all the wedding necessities to complete your wedding order of service. Set out your wedding exactly how you wish by taking a look at our fantastic selection of wedding table plans.

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Cheap Order of Service Cards and More at Bride & Groom Direct

Bride & Groom Direct have all the wedding stationery that you could ever hope to need, making planning for your special day that whole lot more easy.

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An ‘Order of Service’ refers to the order in which things happen in your ceremony. Because a ceremony is typically traditional, things happen in a certain order: the officiant doesn’t make it up as they go along!

In this context, an Order of Service card is a piece of wedding stationery which lists what happens in the ceremony from beginning to end. You’re supposed to hand one to each guest before the ceremony begins, so that they know exactly what’s going to happen (and when).

This is one of many things you need to have printed off before your ceremony and reception. Other things include the wedding invitations, seating plan, place cards and Thank You cards. While you can get away with not having some of these for a smaller wedding, you’ll always need an Order of Service.

What Is an Order of Service?

The Order of Service is a card which you have printed off by a professional wedding stationery printer, like Bride & Groom Direct. It’s typically around the size of an A5 card or a greetings card. It can either be flat or gatefold in design, depending on what you prefer and how much you’ll need to print on it.

For a traditional wedding, a gatefold order of service is best. On the front, you’ll typically have the words ‘Order of Service’ printed. These may be alongside the name of the couple and the date on which the ceremony takes place.

The inside of the card is where the action is. You’ll have several things printed here, including:

-          The names and roles of everybody in the bridal/wedding party (e.g. the officiant, the parents of the bride, the best man, etc.)

-          Everything that’s happening in the ceremony, printed in order of when it’s to happen

-          The words of any readings, songs or hymns you want the party to join in with

-          A thank-you note

And like all things wedding-related, you can have your order of service printed with any design or in any colour you like. You can also have a photo printed alongside certain designs. If you’d like to know exactly what an Order of Service looks like, then look at our dozens of designs below!

Why Bride & Groom Direct?

At Bride & Groom Direct, we have been printing wedding stationery since 1993. We print everything from wedding invitations to Thank You cards to an exceptionally high standard. Our key selling point is that all of our wedding stationery can be fully personalised before it’s printed, for a professional look at a sensible price.

Better yet, we have an excellent selection to choose from. We have dozens of designs below, any one of which could be the perfect style for your wedding. Most allow you to pick the colour of your design, too. But what really sets our Orders of Service apart is that you can have them completely personalised!

Here’s an example Order of Service from the choices below. You can personalise it by having the names of the couple professionally printed on the front of the card. You can also change the fonts, colour and size of the text on the card. You can even preview your changes in real time!

Can I Get Cheap Order of Service Cards?

If that’s not enough, we offer cheap Order of Service cards too. The Order of Service is a little more expensive than other items of stationery like place cards because it can be more complex to print (with a design, a picture, lots of different fonts, and full personalisation). But we have Orders of Service to suit any budget.

Our cheapest cost just £19.99 for ten, which is a competitive price for a fully personalised, professionally printed Order of Service. Or, if you’d like an extra touch of class, you can order Orders of Service with glitter and tasteful ribbons for a little more. To get an idea of what your budget will buy you, take a look at our dozens of designs below.

FAQs: Do I Need an Order of Service?

While most couples stick to some kind of traditions, maybe you don’t want to. And that’s fine. But even if you’re having a non-traditional wedding, an Order of Service can still come in handy.

The main purpose of one is to keep the ceremony running smoothly from start to finish. This is especially important for anybody who has a role to play in the wedding, like the ring bearer. They can be ready when their moment comes, while they might not if they aren’t prepared.

An Order of Service also makes a great memento, both for you and all your guests. Believe it or not, but despite being one of the most important days of your life, your wedding day can fly by in a blur… And once it’s done, you might struggle to remember it all the way through!

That’s because of nerves. Getting married can be like performing on stage. But an Order of Service details everything from the bridal party to the actual order things happened in, which makes it a great way to remember the day.

And if you are having a traditional wedding, then an Order of Service is essential. A traditional venue may even require one. If you’re not sure whether yours does, talk to the venue manager.

What Should Be Included in a Wedding Order of Service?

You can include whatever you want in your Order of Service, unless you’re having a Church of England wedding.

What you put in your Order of Service depends on your ceremony. A non-traditional ceremony can take any form you like, and things can be done in any order. That’s why it’s so useful to personalise your own Order of Service through a printer like Bride & Groom Direct!

If you’re having a small wedding, then detailing the Bridal Party may be unnecessary. If everyone knows each other and knows their roles, then there’s little point.

A formal religious Order of Service will typically include entrance music, hymns, prayers, details of the marriage ceremony and the benediction. But to be clear, check with the officiant before having anything printed.

Something you should definitely include is a thank-you message. This typically appears after the Order of Service on the card. It’s a general thank-you, giving thanks to everybody that attended and anybody who took part in the ceremony. It’s good form to include this whether you’re having a religious ceremony, or a non-traditional one.

Order of Service Wedding Ideas

The best way to come up with ideas for your wedding service is to look at our designs below. Have a think about what theme you’re having for your wedding, and what colour scheme you’re picking. This may help you narrow down your choices. When you’re looking, think about:

-          How much detail you’ll want on the order of service. If you’re having a long ceremony with readings, and you want to list the bridal party, you’ll need a gatefold Order of Service. For a shorter ceremony, a simple card will suffice.

-          Whether you’ll want a basic design or a more complex one. A basic design can go with almost any theme, and looks elegant enough for a traditional wedding. But we also have more complex designs which might be more suitable for whatever theme you’re picking.

-          What colour your Order of Service should be. You could have it the same colour as your overall colour scheme, or you could pick an accent colour. And if you order all of your stationery from Bride & Groom Direct, you can have it all in that same colour!

Ultimately, it’s your choice. But because we have dozens of designs in all sorts of colours, there’s almost certainly something that will suit your big day in our collection.

How Soon Until My Order of Service Is Printed?

We recommend that you order your wedding stationery at least three months in advance. This gives you more than enough time to make changes if you pick a new wedding colour scheme, for example. But don’t worry if you don’t have that long, because we aim to dispatch wedding stationery within 10 working days.

For much of our stationery, we also offer free samples. These will give you the opportunity to see what the Order of Service really looks like.