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Envelope Seals

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Envelope Seals

Before the 1840s, when lickable envelopes were invented, envelope seals were commonplace. If you wanted to send anything in the post, whether it was a wedding invitation or just a letter, you had to seal it manually. Otherwise, anybody would be able to read it - or the envelope could fall open during the postal process, tipping out its contents.

Nowadays, of course, envelope seals are mainly for show. But there’s no doubt that envelope seals add an unmistakably vintage and special touch to wedding stationery. You can use them for your save the dates, invitations, thank-you cards or anything else you fancy. The decorative and stylish little stickers easily turn a boring envelope into a thing of beauty.


Not to mention, they’re also quite handy. The strong adhesive on the back of an envelope seal will keep the flap closed on its own. So, you don’t need to lick every single envelope to seal it - saving time, and preventing a sore tongue!


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At Bride & Groom Direct, we’ve got decades of experience producing and selling beautiful wedding stationery. All of our products, including our envelope seals, are crafted to a high standard that your guests are sure to appreciate. We offer free samples of most of our stock, so you can be sure you’ll love our products before you place your order.

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We stock a fabulous and varied range of wedding save the dates, invitations, thank-you cards, along with beautiful accessories to tie your wedding together. We charge a flat postage rate no matter how much you order, so it’s worth checking out our entire range. As an added bonus, we aim to ship out all of our orders within 5 working days of approval. So if you need wedding stationery fast, there’s no better place!

FAQs: Do I Need Envelope Seals?

Most modern envelopes include adhesive on them already. Lick and stick envelopes require you to wet the adhesive strip on the back of the flap. Others come with a wax paper flap over a sticky strip, which you simply have to remove to seal. Self-sealing envelopes are already sticky, and just require you to press down on the flap to seal it.

However, envelope seals can save you lots of time if you’re using lick and stick envelopes, which are the most common. Instead of having to manually wet every single envelope to seal it, you can simply place a sticker over it.

Most people use envelope seals purely decoratively. They add an old-fashioned and unique touch to your wedding stationery, which your guests will appreciate. From the moment they turn the envelope over, they’ll know there’s something special inside.


What Types of Envelope Seals Are There?

Historically, people would seal all their post - including wedding invitations - using sealing wax. This is a type of wax that hardens quickly after being applied to paper.


You’d melt a small amount of it down, drip a blob of it onto your envelope flap, and it would stick it down. Many people would use a metal stamp to make an impression in the wax before it dried (such as a house crest, or the sender’s initials). Before sealing wax was invented, the ancient Romans used asphalt!

Sealing wax is quite unnecessary in modern times. However, you can buy wax seal kits if you’d like to add a particularly old-fashioned touch to your wedding stationery. Though effective, these kits are time-consuming and can be messy.

Modern envelope seals, used on wedding stationery, are made of paper with a self-adhesive back. Just like stickers, they come attached to a shiny backing sheet. The front of each envelope seal is decorated - for example, with roses, a heart, or a tree. Various designs are available to suit a variety of wedding themes.

How To Use Envelope Seals

It couldn’t be easier to use wedding envelope seals. If you had a sticker book as a child, you’ve got the hang of it already!

When you’ve finished writing your invitation, place everything inside the envelope (don’t forget the RSVP card, reception details, gift list and directions to the venue!). Once you’ve placed an envelope seal, you won’t be able to remove it without ruining it and the envelope, so make absolutely sure you haven’t left anything out.

Write your guest’s name(s) on the front of the envelope before sealing it - it’s all too easy to forget who you’re sending it to. Then, close the envelope. You can seal it using the lickable adhesive on the envelope before applying the seal, if you wish (it’s up to you).

Peel one envelope seal from the backing paper, and stick the envelope flap down. Press firmly over the sticker to ensure it’s properly stuck. At this point, you can add any other decorative elements that you might wish to use. For example, tie the envelope with a bow made of ribbon or brown twine.


Now your wedding stationery is ready to post!



Are Envelope Seals Expensive?

The beauty of wedding envelope seals is that they’re not expensive at all. They add a gorgeous, personal touch to any wedding stationery, for a price that’s affordable even if you’re on a budget.


The designs on our seals are professionally printed and attractive, and turn any envelope into something a little more special. Wedding envelope seals come in bulk packs for your convenience.


We’d recommend ordering more seals than you think you need - unfortunately they aren’t reusable, so you can’t take it off and start over if you make a mistake. But if you have any left over, you can save them for thank-you cards, or use them on any other mail you might want to send (such as birthday cards). They can even be used to decorate your belongings, like any other stickers.