Your Free Wedding Budget Template

Your Free Wedding Budget Template

Firstly, congratulations on your engagement! Now the dust has settled it's time to start thinking about the wedding budget! We know it's one of the most stressful aspects to committing to the one you love, but it is something you both need to have under control! The first thing you both need to do, is grab a cuppa and sit down to discuss what you can both realistically afford. Once you've done this, you should talk to parents and family to discuss if they are going to contribute to your wedding. Be honest but don't expect for the bride's parents to pay for everything! These days couples are more than likely to pay for the whole day themselves, so be prepared!

During the planning process, we would advise for you to keep track of how much you're spending and to keep referring back to your wedding budget. Write down the estimated costs as you get them and see how this relates back to your overall budget, then regularly review your costs as you confirm with suppliers.

To help you with this, we've created your free wedding budget template, to ensure you stay on track and within budget!

Not sure how much your wedding is going to cost?

Wedding and Reception Venues Approx: £7,000

Once you have decided your rough head count along with the date or season you would like, it is time to think about the venue! This will largely depend on the theme you would like to choose, a traditional stately home, a brewery or your favourite hotel it's completely up to you! Keep in mind this is the first thing couples tend to book so there may be a waiting list and you may not get the season or even the year that you want! As soon as you see the venue you want snap it up! You never know there may even be a early-bird discount to be had!

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There's three areas of food that you need to think about for your wedding day: breakfast (am), the wedding breakfast and the reception. The most costly of these being the wedding breakfast, with prices often beginning at £100 per head. If you are looking for a way to save some £££ why not look into hiring a food truck? Think pizza ovens or a fish and chip van... This is a great way to add some personality to your day as well! There are no rules that say you have to stick to a traditional sausage rolls and finger sandwiches!

Looking for food inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board here for all the inspiration you need! 

Photography Approx: £1,000

It's more than likely your wedding venue will have a few recommended wedding photographers, so be sure to ask! This is one area of the whole wedding experience we would say not to scrimp on! These are the photos you will treasure forever so make sure you are confident in your photographer. And most importantly you both have a clear vision on what you want the photos to look like.

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Flowers Approx: £500

From buttonholes to centre pieces and everything in between flowers can take up a large chunk of your budget if you're not careful! Check which flowers are in season at the time of your wedding to help keep costs down. Also check local suppliers!

Discover our flower inspiration Pinterest board here for inspiration! 

Cake Approx: £400

One part of your wedding day that can be personalised to represent you as a couple, the wedding cake! Why not opt for something that represents your favourite hobby or your favourite holiday destination? There are no rules when it comes to this! Now more than ever couples are opting for homemade cakes, whether it is made by your mum, auntie or your Nan, this is a lovely way to include your loved ones into your wedding!

Get all the inspiration you need for a show stopping wedding cake here

Entertainment Approx: £900

There are so many different ways to entertain your guests at your reception! Will you choose a live band, a singer, DJ, caricaturist, magician...the possibilities are endless! Be sure to choose something that will keep your guests occupied if they don't feel like dancing!

Wedding Dress and Accessories: £1,000

One of the most anticipated parts of the wedding, the wedding dress! This is bound to be the thing that you've been daydreaming about since you were 10 years old. So it's no wonder this takes up a large part of the wedding budget. Before you go shopping have an idea in your mind of the style, colour and fit you would like. If you have no clue, check out our Pinterest board for all the inspiration you need! 

Hair and Beauty Approx: £300

You'll need to have a make-up and hair trial before the big day to make sure you are happy! We would recommend you do this 1-2 months before the big day, just to make sure if you don't like it that you have time to find another style or another hairdresser! You also need to budget in hair and make up for the bridal party on the big day!

Check out our Pinterest boards for hair and makeup inspiration! 

Bridal Party Outfits Approx: £1,000

Bridesmaid dresses are something you would usually pay for, although nowadays you can ask the bridal party to pay for themselves. If your budget is tight you can always pay for the dresses and ask the bridesmaids to pay for the shoes!

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Groom and Groomsmen Outfits: £500

Like bridesmaid dresses, this is something you would traditionally pay for. Whether the suits are hired or bought you should discuss how these will be paid for in advance. Looking for Groomsmen style inspiration? Click here!

Wedding Rings Approx: £1,000

Purchasing your wedding ring is not something that should be done lightly! This ring will stand proud next to your engagement ring for the rest of your life. So make sure it matches perfectly!

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