Winter Wedding Colour Trend: Brown and Neutrals

It may be all about a subtle palette, but this amazing wedding colour trend speaks in volumes. Whether you are a classic, vintage, rustic or glamorous bride, a combination of these romantic hues of browns, coffee, taupe, toffee, creams and beige could work for your wedding. The neutral shades also happen to look amazing paired with stark white or a bright, bold colour, like turquoise. But we tend to like them best mixed and matched with one another. Here’s a little inspiration for you to get your wheels turning.

Dress for success

And who couldn't with these fabulous gowns featured above from Abed Mahfouz Fall 2013 and Jenny Packham Spring/Summer 2014. Couple your neutral wedding gown with a pair of equally as neutral shoes, or play with a metallic, like silver or gold, depending on what best suits the dress and your special day. The great thing about a neutral dress is that it often is a blank canvas, so you can dress it up (with lots of pretty jewellery) or down (with flats, perhaps) as much as you want.

Beauty and the browns

Just ‘cause it’s neutral, doesn’t mean it can’t have pizazz! We love getting creative with this hot-to-go palette. Feel free to rock a smoky brown and cream eye (vs. that ‘naked’ bridal look), and even an ombre set of nails if your little heart so desires (or pick one of the shades and paint it across all fingers and toes)!

Paper, please!

Pick a tone, any tone. Pick a theme, any theme. The Little Lovebirds Save the Date Card tweets your announcement with a whimsical lovebird theme in brown. Featuring a lacy heart design, the elegant, taupe Charlotte Day Invitation. 

Or perhaps something full of girly and delicate florals celebrate your wedding to perfection? Just like the Bella Thank You Card .

Two sweet hearts (get it, sweetheart?) on the ribbon laden card add a little love to your appetizers and entrées. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong here with the Ribbons Menu Card.

Party pad

See—we told you so. What is it that we are feeling all smug about? The fact that these pics show how super romantic, sexy, sultry, modern and just FABULOUS a neutral and brown palette can be.

Check out those chair covers with rosettes. Or how about the burlap curtains (probably the chicest use of burlap we’ve seen) that open up into an evening wedding in a barn? And the small table with luxe fabrics and lovely mix-and-match-ness going on—so cool. There are many ways to bring these wedding colours to life on your wedding day. Get excited!


Get the desserts in on the neutral action. Not hard to do at all with the use of flavours like chocolate, vanilla and coffee—brilliant! You can have a traditional cake, or have fun with it and go for smaller desserts like well-presented ice cream, tiramisu, cupcakes and more.

Accessorising your wedding with brown colours can be executed in so many imaginative ways. Get inspired by Bride & Groom Direct's collection of brown wedding accessories.

Are you throwing a wedding with a neutral and brown colour palette? We want to see! We want to see! Please some photos of it on our Facebook page.

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