Wedding Trends You Need to Know If Getting Married in 2020

Weddings have changed so much over the last few decades. Back in the day, weddings could have been made with a cookie-cutter, the bride dressed in a traditional white dress, the groom in a black suit. The venue was a church,  the ceremony was religious, the vows were the traditional ones we’re all familiar with.
Now, there’s nothing wrong with that kind of wedding. It still has its place and is still a favourite. But what’s great about modern weddings is the choice available. You can get married in almost any venue, using your own vows and dressed however you like. This has given rise to trends in recent years for particular kinds of dress, colour schemes, and more.

What trends can we expect to see in 2020?

Modest dresses are making a comeback, as are side splits. Blush pink is an on-trend colour, as are colour schemes like ivory & grey, greens & gold, and blue & pink. An overall eco-theme is getting popular, as are outdoor weddings generally, especially Autumn weddings.
Below is our complete guide to each of these upcoming trends, plus what you might expect to see even further in the future…

Trends in Dresses

As the bride, your dress is understandably one of the most important parts of your most important day. If you want to be on trend, then there are a few things to watch out for when looking for your perfect dress.
One is modest fashion. As a reaction to more revealing necklines and higher hems, more modest clothing has made a comeback over the last couple of years. This trend gives you lots to choose from, whether you’re interested in Victorian lace or 1970's long, flowing dresses.


Side splits are in too, as they have been for a while, and aren’t showing signs of slowing down. While they give you lots of versatility, just like more modest fashion, they let you make more of a statement. If you don’t fancy a side split then you could opt for a tiered skirt on your dress. Tiered skirts bring to mind the vintage, but are also feminine. They don’t look out of place at all on a wedding dress; quite the opposite, they catch the eye and can turn a simple dress into a statement.
But no matter how much inspiration you look for, there’s no substitute for something that suits you. A tiered skirt might suit your friend, but not you. Everybody’s frame is different, so what might make you look amazing would make your friend look silly! So, shop around, do your research and have a think about what’s best for you.

Trends in Colours

Colourful weddings have become more and more popular in recent years. Pastel has been especially common, but if you can dream of a colour combo, it’s probably been done! While the white dress will never die, other colours were gradually at first accepted, before moving to the forefront of recent trends.
The latest on-trend colour for 2020 is blush pink! This is a soft, subtle colour that can give your wedding day a girly look, but without going over the top (like a candy pink would).
The best thing is that a soft, blush pink fits everything. It’s a great light colour for a dress, both for brides and bridesmaids. It suits the flower arrangements (pink roses), makes for great ribbons and hairpieces, suits the bouquet and table setup. Wherever you want to use it, it looks good.
Aside from that, there are lots of colour schemes gaining popularity.

You might want to consider:
  • White and green
  • Ivory and grey
  • Blue and pink
  • Blue and copper
  • Yellow and white
  • Green and gold
  • Purple and pink
  • Lavender and light purple
  • Blush pink and grey
  • Red and black

But more important than anything is to pick something that speaks to you and your partner. Think over it using the list above as inspiration, and see which one suits you best. If you’re stuck for ideas, think of what would go well with your eyes and the colour of your hair. And once you’ve thought of one colour, it’s easy enough to look up ones that go with it.

Trends in Themes

Themed weddings have really taken off recently: Moroccan weddings, desert weddings, nautical weddings… You name it, it’s been done. But one trend that’s gaining headway is the eco-wedding, where both the couple and the guests do all they can to keep the carbon footprint of their event small.
An eco theme doesn’t have to be boring and preachy. Green, outdoor and natural weddings are already crazy popular. Turning one of these into a more eco-friendly version of an outdoor wedding takes minimal effort and puts a refreshing twist on things. Some simple ideas include:

  • Pick a venue that’s easy for everyone to get to without flying
  • Only serving seasonal, local food (organic if possible!)
  • DIY favours and decorations
  • Eco-friendly dress and suit, maybe even pre-loved!
  • Recyclable or bio-degradable confetti

Eco-weddings aren’t all you’ll hear about in 2020 and 2021. Rustic Autumn weddings are in, not least because Summer weddings are so expensive compared to other times of year!

Rustic weddings have lots in common with eco-weddings. They’re best held in nature, outdoors and in green spaces. The idea is to get back to nature at a particularly beautiful time of year, when the leaves are turning. Even if the weather is dramatic, that’s a good thing: it’s something different to remember your day by. And if the temperature drops, that’s not a bad thing either; it depends on whether you prefer being too hot in your dress in the Summer, or too cold in your dress later in the year!

Trends in Rings

This might come a little late for you, as you may already be wearing your engagement ring! But one of the biggest trends of 2019, 2020 and beyond is picking your wedding rings together. In previous generations, this was practically unheard of, the groom would pick out each of the rings from a jewellery shop and the first time the bride would see her engagement ring would be when he got down on one knee!

Now, far be it from us to pop your romantic balloon but it certainly makes more sense to pick out the rings together. Some people have very particular tastes and it stands to reason, since the plan is to wear these rings for the rest of your lives! So, it’s ‘in’ for couples to head out ring-shopping together.
What does this mean for the kind of rings you should pick? Well, more than anything, people want something that relates to them. This could be a birthstone, a birth metal (which, yes, is a thing), a ring from a particular store that has meaning to you, a ring that looks like the one your mum or dad has… Anything!

Other Trends in Weddings for 2020

Outside of the wedding day itself, there are other likely changes coming in 2020. Perhaps the most important is the hen/stag do. Now, we aren’t predicting that the old-fashioned do’s of the past are teetering on the verge of extinction. Anything but: they seem just as popular as they ever were.
But one trend that’s likely only to get bigger from here is the chilled-out do. Today’s friend groups are getting smaller but closer, and drinking to excess every weekend isn’t as popular as it once was! So, partly through choice and partly through circumstance, the idea of a big, grand last night out might not apply to you and your friends.

Not only that, but the ideas behind hen and stag do’s are changing. In the past, they really were seen as the last chance to let off steam as a ‘free’ man or woman before settling down to a life of happy but boring servitude! Many people today don’t see marriage in the same light, which is probably a good thing. So, what might you want to do instead?

Here are a few Ideas

  • A retreat at a country spa
  • A brief weekend break somewhere fun with friends
  • A board game night with everyone you know
  • A big party at home
  • A dance class (Zumba, ballroom… Whatever you like!)

If your first thought is “Well, that sounds boring,” then maybe a good old hen night is exactly what you need. But if that’s not what you fancy, don’t let anyone pressure you into doing things you don’t want to do. If you’d rather chill out at a spa or go go-karting than get Sellotaped to a lamp-post, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

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