Wedding Style: How to do a Rustic Chic Wedding

Rustic-chic weddings happen to be some of our absolute favourites. They combine all the elements we ♥ most: nature, fashion, romance… we’re getting a little cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs over here just thinking about planning one of these fabulous shindigs.

What’s so great about a rustic-chic wedding is that you can still go all out with your wedding décor and style—or not, up to you and your budget—and you’ll still give off the impression of effortless panache.

Like, you may be wearing a £6,000 Monique Lhuillier gown, but it looks like you’re just floating and flowing all natural like a fairytale princess-hippy.There’s something quite ethereal about it, really. Feel free to explore combining various textures and muted colours in every aspect of your day.

Rustic Chic Wedding Inspiration 

So, where to start? With the dress, of course!

Blushing bride

This JLM Europe, Blush Collection Style 1258 dress in Lilac (also available in blush or ivory) is 100% charming. It’s layered blush and violet tulle with a high-low hem and natural waist finished with floral detail. Hello, gorgeous ;)

Pretty, please

Choose a lovely flowy bridesmaid gown style, like this A-line strapless v-neck sage sash tulle by Milly Bride, for your ladies. Doesn’t this look immensely comfortable? That’s the other thing about rustic-chic—it’s a comfortable wedding style. So, pick something out for your wedding party that they can feel really relaxed in, while looking amazing, of course.

Kick up your heels!

We know we just had that whole "be comfortable" bit, but how fab are these raw-edged lacy heels—Burberry’s Beige Lace Covered Suede Sandals? Just because it’s a rustic wedding doesn’t mean you have to don a pair of flats—though you might have a pair on hand for the dance floor later in the evening. Consider a very girly, chic pair of heels with awesome texture that contrasts with your gown.

Well harvested

Oh, groomy is going to look so ca-ute in this! Or something inspired by it… This Burlap Boutonniere designed by Lolly’s Cubby Hole combines natural "ingredients" like burlap, wheat, moss and a small pine cone all tied up with a jute ribbon. Whether your man dresses up in a fancy suit or goes for a more relaxed look, an accessory like this can complement any attire.

Goldie looks

Gold is a beautiful complimentary colour to bring into your rustic-chic affair. It pairs perfectly with muted natural tones and whites, like this shimmering gold flat ceremony invite with a printed white-lace pattern at the top and bottom. Done and done, get your Fanciful Day Invitation.

It’s for (more than) the birds!

The bird cage post box for weddings is a catch-all for your loved one’s sentiments, or an excellent rustic-chic décor item—you can hang several from trees for an outdoor wedding, or stack them on different levels at your barn wedding’s dessert bar. Tweet that! Fall in love with our Bird Cage Wedding Post Box.

Form meets function

Wire is another versatile material that has a vintage-y, rustic feel to it at weddings. This lovely napkin basket can hold cocktail hour napkins or a myriad other things. It can even travel home or to your office with you post-bash! Want it at your wedding? Get your Wire Beverage Napkin Basket.

We couldn’t be more frilled!

These Chair Covers, found on Style Me Pretty, are the epitome of rustic chic. They play up the tones in the natural stone tiles beneath them.

You’re number one

These carved floral framed Table Numbers found on Love and Lavender, set on simple lace runners are used as a statement piece on each table instead of abundant centrepieces (also a great way to save some money on floral arrangements!).

Rustic Chic Wedding Invitations 

Find a gorgeous way to present stunning imagery with plenty of rustic chic themed wedding stationery and accessories available at the B&G wedding shop. The perfect place to start is by checking out our rustic wedding invite collection.

Did you have your own rustic-chic wedding? Do tell. In fact, we’d love you to share your wedding photos with us! Shoot us a note below on post some on our Facebook page.

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