Wedding Reception Trend: Edible Wedding Favours

Many couples are torn on whether to spend the money for wedding favours at their wedding. Your guests love you, but do they really want a silver picture frame with your initials and wedding date on it? Probably only your grandparents and parents would really get excited about that (and you can get them one as a post-wedding gift).

One thing is for sure: Edible favours are popular with guests. If you give them something delicious to munch on, chances are, it won’t go to waste.

Edible wedding favours also are on-trend right now because couples can get a lot of value at a relatively low cost—unless your chosen treats are mini crème brulées catered by a top chef, of course! If you’re a DIY bride and on a super-tight budget, you can even bake favours yourself, or get your wedding party to pitch in in the kitchen.

What’s more, the little nibbles are easy to personalise (with your wedding colours, date or theme), if you want to.


Here are a few top U.K. bakers to inspire your own "good-night" goodies:

Cookie monster 

Baroness Bakery crafts edible works of art with their hand-iced cookies. Whether your wedding has a rustic-outdoor or a vintage theme, they can whip up cookies shaped like everything from whimsical butterflies to sweet 1950s wedding dresses.

Doughnut delights

We can get behind a bakery that supports National Doughnut Week every year (with proceeds going to The Children’s Trust)! Dunn’s Bakery opened up shop in 1820 and has been crafting mouth-watering treats ever since, including their Fancy Doughnuts with innovative toppings like caramel and custard, iced sprinkle rings and chocolate chips. Why didn’t we think of that?

Pop it like it’s hot

From lolly pops to cake pops to push pops (we’re getting hungry writing this post), Gardner’s Bakery knows how to make your wedding favours POP in all sorts of scrumptious flavours.

Crafted cupcakes

Tempting Cake tempts brides and grooms with their precious attention to detail on their beautiful cupcakes. They can craft literally anything under the sun. We especially love their summer garden-party themes, complete with colourful iced fondant adorned with small sugar flowers, leaves and even ladybugs and bees!


Favour Boxes From Bride&Groom

Now that you have your edible tasties picked out (or are at least inspired by one of these ideas), it’s time to think about how you’re going to present them! Take a looksee at our stellar offerings:

Boxed in

The Bella Favour Box is just one of many different box patterns available on the site and perhaps the most versatile for your edible gift. We love this one in particular for its vintage floral vibe.

Fall in love with the Bella Favour Box

Pyramid pleasures

Our add a cool dimension to your sweet treats with Pyramid Favour Boxes.

Clear the way

Want guests to get excited about what’s inside? Show them the delectable favour within our Clear Favour Boxes.

Double the fun

Who doesn’t love a truffle? Personalised with your names and wedding date in your choice of foil colour, take a closer look at

Double Truffle Favour Boxes.

Bag it

Organza Favour Bags add a splash of colour and style to your table with one of 15 possible hues to choose from. (Hint: Fill them with Sugared Almonds for an easy and delicious edible favour.) Go online at B&G to buy Organza Favour


Affordable Wedding Favours, Bags & Confectionery

Whatever style of favour takes your fancy, you can be sure to find the perfect table decoration for guests to enjoy without it costing it the earth. From personalised jigsaw pieces to edible delights, discover the Wedding Favour range at B&G.


Did you offer guests a fun edible favour? Share it with us! Send us some photos and details about your real wedding. Go to our page here ‘Your Real Weddings’ for submission details!


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