Unusual wedding favours to consider for your big day!

Unusual wedding favours to consider for your big day!

Wedding favours, favour boxes, favour bags and confectionery are a lovely way to decorate your reception tables. We have a wonderful range to suit all tastes and wedding themes. You’re certain to find a favour that appeals to you! To help inspire you in making your choice, we've compiled a list of unusual wedding favour ideas that are certain to wow your guests on your big day!

Gumball Machines

Who doesn’t love a touch of retro fun when it comes to their sweets? Plenty of people do, which is why sweet treats often make their way into wedding favours. If you want to make sure that you choose something that is a little different to the rest, then why not give each and every guest their very own mini gumball machine? Not only will this make them smile, but with so many different colours within them, they will also brighten up your tables too.

Our Gumball Machine wedding favours are the perfect gift for kids. Also your adult guests who happen to have a sweet tooth! These stunning little wedding favours are available in two different styles. They'll also provide a fun looking theme for your reception.

You can easily dispense your gumballs by simply turning the silver coloured crank. The machine can also be refilled for further use by unscrewing the top and replacing the contents!

Unusual wedding favours to consider for your big day!

Trivia Cards

One thing that can be really hard for guests is the small talk around the wedding breakfast tables. A great way to get them chatting and help to break the ice is to make trivia cards their wedding favours. Add in questions that relate to your wedding day, or to you as a couple and encourage the table to work together, the first table to get every question right can win a prize and if you are really clever you will make sure that they need to work together to work out the answers.

Our Trivia Cards are a super-fun cheap wedding favour that are certain to get your nearest and dearest talking around the table. Each card has 3 multiple choice questions that are all related to your big day, and because the questions are different other tables can all join in! A score card is imprinted on the back of these trivia cards so that all your guests can compare their scores, and these wedding favours are available in either gold or silver.

Wedding Dress Favour Boxes

Our gorgeous Wedding Dress Favour Boxes are an unusual way to dress up treats and mementos for your wedding guests. These wedding favour boxes are guaranteed to enhance your weddings theme and are pre-punched, so you can easily thread to included white satin ribbon. Each pack comes at an affordable price of £9.99 and contains 24 favour box sets.

Unusual wedding favours to consider for your big day!

Flower seeds

Worrying that the wedding favour that you have chosen is only going to last a short time before needing to be thrown away? If you are then you might want to consider flower seeds as a favour. Encourage your guests to take them home and plant them, best of all, if they take good care of the plants, then they can treasure them for time to come.

Puzzle pieces

To have a memorable wedding you need to make sure that every single piece of the puzzle is in place. So, what better wedding favour to give out then personalised puzzle pieces. Add the date of your wedding, your names and a simple message (such as thanks for being a part of our puzzle) and you have created a favour that your guests will want to keep forever.

Fortune cookies

Fortune cookies are great fun, they not only are great to eat, but one great thing about them is that you then get the excitement of opening them up and discovering a fun message. We love the idea of having fortune cookies for your wedding favours. Although you might want to check out the messages that are in there, to make sure that they fit in with your own personal tastes.

Personalised wedding favours and more at Bride & Groom Direct

If you are unable to find your ideal wedding favour gift within this post, then fear not, because at Bride & Groom Direct we have a wide range of additional wedding favours for you to select from!

To browse our full range of wedding favours, head over to our Wedding Favour Boxes, Bags and Confectionary section here.


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