Tips for the Bride: 8 Things We Wish Someone Had Told Us Before Our Wedding Day!

With your big day just round the corner, the time it takes to think through every possible eventuality and plan for those moments accordingly is endless. Imagine the surprise you felt when your husband-to-be went down on one knee and proposed to you.

With this utter surprise in mind, there may be some on the day little surprises that you can never imagine or plan for, from a tear in the train of the dress to a red wine spillage caused by an over-enthusiastic aunt.

8 Tips That We Wish We Knew Before Our Wedding Day

So here we are, giving you a head start in preparing yourself with our 8 things we wish someone had told us before our wedding day, so you can have almost every possible eventuality covered.

1. Swollen fingers

The nervousness which undoubtedly effects us all in one shape or form, and the stress from rushing from A to B can result in swollen fingers. So don’t be surprised when that ring you tried on last week which was perfect is now a little tight, or doesn’t fit. Tip: Keep your hands cool on the way to the ceremony.

2. The little things won’t matter

When you’re walking down the aisle or reflecting on the day with your new husband or wife, the last thing you’ll care about is where Grandma sat or if Uncle Peter didn't like the meal. Don’t build these little things up into big issues, as they just add unnecessary stress. Tip: Concentrate on what really matters, each other.


True fact: people will send them, then not come. And people will not send them, and still come. Some people will even avoid your phone calls, texts, emails and messenger pigeons. Then they’ll wonder why they’re not on the seating chart! You have your seat and that's the important thing. Tip: Let the people who failed to RSVP find the spare 'no show' seats.

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4. Photos!

It’s a good idea to tell people beforehand that you want them for photos. Otherwise people may wander off, not even realising that you want to capture that special moment with them. Don’t just assume people will know where to go or that they’re invited to join in with the photographs at all. Tip: Let everyone who needs to know be aware in advance.

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5. The money doesn’t stop after the honeymoon

Many little extras will come up in the weeks following your wedding, which you hadn’t considered. You’ll be sat down with a glass of wine, casually flicking through photos when suddenly, “Uncle Perry came!” … “We never sent him a thank you card!”.

It's also important to remember family and friends will be snapping away on your special day, and amongst the hundreds of photos you'll find some beautiful images which you want developed, in addition to your professional prints. Tip: Count all these little extras in when planning ahead, so you are prepared and you don’t overspend.

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6. Sleep is a luxury!

After a wonderful day and an eventful evening, which started at the crack of dawn, you will be absolutely knackered. Despite this it is important to remember that, however long your day may have been there is no guarantee you’ll actually be able to sleep. The preparations, excitement and re-living the day over and over will have you up all night. Prepare yourself for another day of very little sleep. Tip: Vitamin C foods and energy drinks at the ready! 

7. What to do afterwards?

After months of planning, anticipation and excitement your big day has came and now it’s gone in a flash. You may find yourself a little lost for a month or so as normal life reclaims your soul. Tip: Don’t be sad as this is your chance for a well-earned, much needed break and time to reminisce!

8.  You’re there for each other, not to entertain!

It’s human nature when there are a lot of guests for you to subconsciously feel like you have to entertain. You suddenly become a performer, concentrating on the “audience” rather than each other. You’re there to embrace your love for each other, and bring your families and friends together; something your guests are there to witness. Tip: Don’t play up to this natural feeling.

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