The Wedding Party Gift Guide

Bridesmaid Gifts

For the wedding party gift guide, we start with the bridesmaids. Often the unsung heroes of wedding planning. They act as your human stress ball, wear whatever dress you tell them too. They help give you a great hen do and all importantly stand by your side through-out the whole process including your special day. To show how grateful you are for their on-going support and friendship, it’s important to treat them to an amazing gift.

Looking for Bridesmaid dress inspiration? Discover our latest Pinterest board!

Gifts for Father of the Bride/Groom

When your wedding does come around, it’s important to remember that just as this is your big day. This is your dad’s big day too! The walk down the aisle, the speech at the head of the table and the oh-so emotional first dance. A true honour for every father. 

To give your thanks to dad and to let him know just how much he means to you. A wedding gift that not only speaks from the heart but celebrates your special day is an absolute must.

Mother of the Bride/Groom Gifts

She will need an extra special gift, yes? Not just any gift, but something that really hits the sentimental sweet spot and conveys your love and gratitude. We have a fabulous range of gifts that we know she'll love and treasure.

Best Man Gifts

The Best Man; also known as the organisational king of your wedding and the man on hand to offer his assistance at a minute’s notice.
From organising the stag night to getting you down the aisle. The best man is a true hero in your wedding party. And as such needs a special gift to say thanks for all his help.
Plus, if you get him an extra special gift, maybe he’ll tone down on the stories during the best man’s speech?

Bride & Groom Direct work hard to ensure our gift collections are filled with inspiration. Whether you want to impress the Mother in Law-to-be or show your appreciation to your wedding guests, there's something special for everyone in our wedding gift shop.

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