Struggling To Find The Perfect Wedding Gift? Look No Further

Struggling To Find The Perfect Wedding Gift? Look No Further

A thoughtful, unique, memorable wedding gift that won’t break the bank? Check. Here at Bride & Groom Direct we love something a bit quirky and want to offer something for everyone. Besides who needs another toaster?

Maybe you want to be a super good friend and treat the happy couple to a pre-wedding present?

Most people think that planning a wedding is all fluffy and romantic, from trying on wedding dresses to sipping champagne. The reality is it can be a super emotional and stressful time. Your duty as a friend is to cheer them up. So, if a family size bar of chocolate and a couple of glasses bottles of wine (we won’t judge we’re all friends here) doesn’t do the trick then why not treat them to a little pre-wedding present.

Gift Ideas

Okay, so this section may be aimed slightly more at the bride-to-be rather than the groom. Plus, if you want to get the groom a little something you could always treat him to some socks. Who doesn’t love socks? Anyway, why not put a smile back on your friends face with one of our stunning, on-trend hen party accessories.

Whether it be a photo frame containing a photo of you all on the hen do, or a more sentimental gift such as an album containing advice, tips and love from her nearest and dearest.

Another gift that is one of our favourites here at Bride & Groom Direct is this stunning mason jar style wedding fund saving jar. This present is aimed more at the couple rather than the bride allowing them both to benefit from your generosity. The gorgeous jar is a practical present that helps the couple save for their special day, as well as making a beautiful addition to the décor in their home!

A present for the people who have helped you through your bridal breakdown and budget worries

Your right hand man or woman’s face muscles have been aching for the past 6 months as it’s kind of hard to show excitement at all times. Even though the cutlery arrangement may be thrilling to you, the ooh’s and ahh’s from your best buddy were probably slightly forced. After being by your side for most of the wedding planning it’s probably nice of you to get them a little something to say thank you and make their face muscles ache one last time!

A lot of celebrating will be taking place on your wedding day. After all you are celebrating the best decision your partner has ever made. So why not give your friends a little accessory that they can use on the night like a gorgeous ornate personalised wine glass or, a miniature bottle of alcohol and shot glass. Alongside a wide range of stunning sentimental gifts there are also a few comedy ones available. From a stacked hip flask with a compartment for each part of the day, to a travel size alarm clock to make sure the best man is on time with those sparkly wedding rings.

A present for the happy couple for the main event

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find a gift which is unique and a bit different but isn’t tat that will end up in the cupboard collecting dust for years to come. A kitchen accessory is a great gift for any newlywed couple. Whether they are starting married life in a new home together or simply love to cook these chopping boards are a great way to show your congratulations for the happy couple. Our range of chopping boards are all personalised with the couple’s details to make the board as unique as their relationship. There’s a variation of wooden or slate style, both working really well with the popular rustic vintage theme allowing them to remember there special day and chop in style! Take a closer inspection of the wedding chopping boards available online.

If the couple you know are more beans on toast than lobster then don’t worry! There is a lot of pressure on wedding guests to spend a fortune and wow the newlyweds with something amazing. As mentioned before you don’t want to spend a fortune on something which may not ever be used. Why not treat your loved ones to a freshly smelling candle? These gorgeous tokens are packaged or printed with text that fit in with the wedding theme making a practical every day item simply stunning and sentimental.

A little something for mum and dad

It’s easy to get caught up when planning a wedding but it’s important that you take the time and effort to pick a present for your number one fans – your parents or grandparents. Now the time has come that they are helping you walk down the aisle to your next adventure. So, it’s probably nice to give them a little token in return to say thank you.

If you have a fear of cameras then a wedding is probably going to be your worst nightmare. The reality is, you won’t be able to move from A to B without someone wanting a selfie or the photographer wanting to take more shots. In the end it will all be worth it as wedding photos are the one thing which you can treasure and look back on in years to come. They also make the perfect gift if you have the father who “has everything”. Or the mother who carries a passport photo of you in her purse. If photographs aren't really their cup of tea, then there is a range of other gifts available such as cuff links, pens, and tankards with their title printed across.

A little something for the little people

If the big people are getting a token to say thank you, then so should the little people! Whether they have been good as gold and added that extra sprinkle of magic to your special day. Or thrown up after eating too much cake and caused utter chaos - they were still a part of it. What better way to thank your little gems than with a cuddly Teddy Bear with a personalised T-shirt. If a Teddy Bear won’t cut it there’s a lovely range of jewellery and activity books to help keep them busy and show your appreciation.

At the end of the day, it's always nice to show you're appreciation or congratulations. It's not always about who has gave or received the biggest most fanciest gift. It's about the thought behind the present. Whether you spend £20 or £200 it doesn't determine your love or happiness for someone. So, don't overthink your gift choice. Pick something that works for your budget and personality and that will be more than enough.

Browse the entire range of wonderfully thoughtful wedding gifts in the UK.

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