Let Them Eat Cake! 5 Modern Wedding Cake Trends...

Like most brides who view their wedding like one big Pinterest board in their minds, you probably already have an idea of what you want your wedding cake to look like... generally speaking.

With so many amazing, current styles out there to choose from, finding “the one” dream-day dessert can take a minute. Plus, your mum might be pushing you towards a more traditional, white, three-tiered look, while you really want something less stuffy.

Show her that there are several modern wedding cake possibilities available that she’ll love while still fitting your style.

Today’s top cake designers are breaking the mould when it comes to shape, colour and style by using new techniques that weren’t around when your parents got married.

Following are five we adore. Also... just remember that no matter how beautiful your cake is, if it doesn’t taste good, what’s the point? Make sure to do a taste test in advance of your wedding

1. Painted pastries

Hand-painted cakes, like this one from Nevie-Pie Cakes, are beautiful because they can remain simple in shape, but still modern and intricate in design. You could even incorporate a theme or colour scheme with this style, as it allows for a lot of creativity. How perfect would it be if it matched your bouquet?

Because the cake is already so colourful, this heart shaped cake topper would look lovely to finish it off. You can even choose your own logo, from wedding bells to flowers, and personalise your names and wedding date onto the Engraved Heart Shaped Cake Topper

2. Take one down and pass it around

How cute are these mini delights from Maisie Fantaisie? Individual cakes are ideal for a small wedding, and can help make the serving process quicker for your guests. The top tier can remain a traditional shape so you and your hubby can still cut the cake, if you’d like.

Send some of the extras home with your guests in these great Cake Bags. They come in six versatile colours to match with any wedding theme.  

3. Edible accoutrements

The sugar flowers on this cake look almost too real to eat! These days, cake designers can make an edible version of just about anything. It really adds dimension to a cake to have edible flowers, leaves, lace, beading and more attached to it.

We’re sure you’ll be using this beautiful set as long as you both shall live. Make sure you get the perfect slice with this Heart Shaped Serving Set (Personalised)

4. Shades that shift

From clothes to hair to fabric, ombre is everywhere this year. Why not carry this great trend into your wedding cake? While the above confection from Jelly Cake fades from white to pastel pink to a bright rose, it would be equally as beautiful in any colour.

Save the top tier of your cake for your first anniversary in this Square Cake Box (Personalised) with your custom text in gold or silver foil. (And then wrap in plastic and freeze, of course!). From boxes to bags and stunning wraps, let your imagination run wild by
choosing one of our wedding cake bags and boxes.

5. Text it

Using typography on your cake, like this one from The Chocolate Strawberry, adds a touch of whimsy and works well for the non-traditional couple. Some ideas: incorporate an inside joke, words that evoke great memories, that saying that you always say, or special thoughts about your marriage. You can also include a monogram, which will likely be one of the first times your name will be next to your husband’s!

Since this cake speaks for itself, using a simple accessory, such as the Love One Another Cake Topper won’t be distracting. This beautiful porcelain figurine would also look great on your shelf after the wedding as a reminder of your special day. Whatever style of cake you opt for, Bride & Groom Direct are confident you'll find the perfect topper to accompany the wedding cake. So why not go online and discover your favourite wedding cake topper?

Are You Planning A Trendy Cake For Your Wedding In 2018?

Whatever style you have set your heart on, we hope you get the wedding cake you've always dreamed of cutting into. Don't forget to accessorise your cake for that extra visual flair and personal touch! Save money on personalised, high quality items waiting to be found in our impressive wedding cake accessory collection

What kind of wedding cake did you have? We’d love to hear about it! Have a burning question to ask us and fellow brides? Post it on our Facebook.

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