Keri & Andrew’s Real Festival Wedding!

The festival season is well and truly upon us, with many festival goers packing up their camping gear and travelling to Glastonbury as we speak, so what better way to celebrate than to feature a very real festival themed wedding!?

Keri and Andrew met at Bunnaroo festival back in 2011. If you don’t know what Bunnaroo is, it’s an extremely popular music and arts festival based in Tennesee, USA which has been going since 2002. Past music acts to headline the festival include brit rockers Arctic Monkeys, Controversial rapper Kanye West and classic superstar Elton John, to name a few. After a year of dating, Keri and Andrew, hardcore Bunneroo fans, were back at the festival and Andrew proposed using an enormous banner with the words ‘KERI WILL YOU MARRY ME’ written in huge letters.

Andrew says: “I had taken her to the roof of our RV with the ring hidden in my shorts under the guise of taking some photos of our surroundings.  Our friends took the rolled up banner out to the field and unraveled it for her to find while taking pictures. The best part was I hadn't told anyone what I was planning and not one person in my group asked why I was bringing this massive rolled up canvas on the trip from Toronto.”

Keri said yes, and Andrew said he felt relieved as it meant he did not have to hide the engagement ring in a sock in his duffel bag anymore!

The wedding invitations were printed in the theme of the festival, with large writing and even ‘Camping on Site’ written on them so that guests knew to bring their camping gear! Andrew said: “So having met at Roo, gotten engaged at Roo, we decided to have a Roo themed wedding. We did the invite in the style of a concert poster and mailed them in tiny poster tubes.  My wife designed all the graphics, fonts, and just about everything else.” 

It took the happy couple 4 months of but they finally found the perfect setting to recreate the feel of the festival. 

In true festival fashion, Keri and Andrew reused the proposal banner as the walkway, and high fives were a must after the ceremony!

What festival themed wedding would be complete without wedding wristbands? Andrew says: “My wife also designed these. The small pink writing was some of our favourite lyrics, Edward Sharpe's Om Nashi Me "I love you, and I love you forever, and I'm loving you now".

“Instead of table numbers we used stage names for each table”


The couple’s first dance was to Edward Shape’s 40 day dream. Andrew said: “We LOVE Edward Sharpe.  For our honeymoon we went to see them headline The Ride festival in Telluride, CO. We also have a huge photo of Alex and Jade performing at Roo '13 hanging above our bed.”


“Rather than a guestbook we had our guests fill out our own before I die wall” 

“Each tent was marked with the occupants names. This was obviously ours. My wife made them all with a wood burner.”


There was even a late night food truck to stop guests from getting hungry as they partied into the early hours! 

Andrew said: "As a wedding gift our friends got us a Bonnaroo Tree, so come find us at "Keri & Andrew's Wedding Tree" at Bonnaroo 2015!"

Photography: isos Photography,

Location/Venue: Highfields Inn & Country Spa,

Planning/Design: Keri Partridge

Day-of Coordinator: Deborah Breckels

See the full article here.

Have you ever been to a festival themed wedding? Or would you like your wedding to be featured in our blog? Let us know in the comments!

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