Four Free Printable Wedding Table Games

Dinner's over, the drinks are flowing, and some guests are just starting to get their groove on on the dance floor! It's that part of the wedding where the evening do is really starting to come into its own, and there are plenty of guests who are happy to just absorb the atmosphere of your special day.

Due to the success of the 4 free printable wedding table games blog post last year, I decided to have another look to see what sort of table games guests want to see at a wedding. Whether it's the little kids or big kids you want to keep occupied, here are four fun games that will make your big day extra special!

You can print these off and use them, or, if you would like them in a different colour just ask and we can try and match them to your colour scheme.

1. Wedding Wordsearch

Young or old, you can't beat a good wordsearch! This one is themed with all of the lovely things that make your wedding special! This one is available in four main colours so click on the links below to download:

2. Day Memories: Fill in the blanks!

Give your guests the opportunity to tell you what they think of your special day by letting them fill in the blanks! This one lets them tell you what they will remember as well as how they have felt throughout your wedding.

  • Turquoise
  • Pink
  • Lilac
  • Peach

3. Guess Who: Bride or Groom!

Think your guests know you? Find out just how much with this fun quiz!

    4.  Marriage Advice Questions.

    Your wedding guests will love answering your marriage questions and sharing their pearls of wisdom with you! Collect these at the end of the evening to look back upon in the years to come!

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