DIY Wedding Place Card Ideas

When considering the costs of everything involved in your wedding planning, you may need to find some areas where you can cut expenses. Wedding place cards can easily be the wedding component where you can save some money without cutting on creativity.

Sometimes the best place cards are ones that are hand-made for the occasion. It’s a tasteful, cost-effective way for your guests to remember your special day.

It’s not Cheating if it’s Pretty

Not everyone has beautiful, flowing handwriting. However, most people are able to retrace items. So, if you would like to use printable place cards, but don’t want the “printed” look, simply print them out with the font you like and then use a thin paintbrush and paint to trace over the printed text. This will not only give it a textured look, it is a classy way to brighten an otherwise common item. You can also use fine yarn and other craft items to dress it up.

Get Familiar with Your Family

Every guest list has that person that you don’t remember because it’s been years since you’ve seen them. Then, when you are doing the obligatory mingling with your reception guests, you are struggling to remember names and faces.

Instead, why not put the names with the faces before the wedding day? Ask friends and relatives for pictures of family members and themselves who will be attending the wedding. Add the pictures to the place cards next to the names. You will not only become more familiar with your family, but you’ll be able to identify those members of your new family easier.

Say It with Flowers

Rather than using paper place cards, why not use silk flowers? Look for similar flowers to the bridal bouquet and buy single silk flowers in those colours. The names can be written on the leaves of the flowers with a silver leafing pen for a classy touch. Place the flowers on the plates so guests can find their seats. This beautiful keepsake will give the guest the feeling of truly being a part of the wedding party.

Discover Affordable Place Cards For Weddings - Just Add The Final Touch!

These are just some simple place card ideas to help you keep costs low while making your reception special. DIY wedding place cards can be fun to make and will allow you to show your creative side. You can make them yourself for some calm, quiet time away from the busy wedding planning, or you can have your bridesmaids over for a “place card party".

B&G would love to see the unique designs you come up with for your special day. Whatever your budget or style, there's 100's of affordable wedding place card designs to choose from in our wedding place card collection.

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