Biggest Suit Trends for 2019

Get the low down on the biggest suit trends for 2019.

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Three Piece

The three piece suit is back and looker hotter than ever. Beautifully tailored and super sleek, this style is more than a classic. It's iconic. As you go from day to evening, remove your suit jacket and roll up your sleeves for a effortlessly cool and casual look.

Need more three piece suit inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board.

Bold & Bright

There's no rules with the colour of your suit. Move away from traditional grey and navy, think vibrant blues, deep purples or even green! Bright and colourful suits are due to be a massive trend for 2019.


Don't shy away from tweed! This can add personality and fun to your big day and you'll definitely be a groom to remember. Keep the cut of the suit slim and tailored an you're on to a winner!

Texture, Pattern & Colour

Stand out on your big day and mix textures, colours and patterns on your suit. Make your suit truly unique and personal to you by mixing and matching. You'll instantly feel more relaxed and comfortable in a suit style you love than a style and colour scheme you think you should be wearing. You'll thank us when you see the wedding photos!

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