8 Unique Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

Every wedding needs a guest book. Guest books are wonderful souvenirs from your big day that you can keep forever. They contain a record of everyone who attended your wedding, and their well-wishes for your future.
There’s nothing wrong with a traditional wedding guest book. But if you want your wedding to be a bit more special, you might prefer a more unique alternative.
A wedding guest book doesn’t need to be an actual book: it can be whatever you want, as long as it’s something that your guests can sign. So, go crazy and flex your creative muscles!

Drop Top Frame Guest Book

A drop top frame guest book doubles up as both a souvenir of your big day, and a unique piece of artwork. All you’ll need is a large rectangular or square photo frame with a slot at the top, and small tokens for your guests to sign.
The pieces are usually made of wood or cardboard. They can be any shape of your choice, such as leaves, circles, hearts or stars, just as long as they fit into the frame.
Have your guests sign a piece with a marker or ballpoint pen, then drop their token into the frame. The more guests you have, the more effective the end result will look. After your wedding, you can hang the frame on your wall.

Wood Slice Guest Book

If you’re having a rustic or woodland-themed wedding, a wood slice guest book alternative might suit you. Instead of a book, have each of your guests sign a log slice cut from a real tree.
Simply buy a pack of mini log slices, such as these mini wooden slice place cards from Bride & Groom Direct. Make sure you order enough so that your guests have one each. At your wedding, have your guests sign their name on one side of the wood slice with a marker.
When you get home, you can glue the wood slices to a board to create a unique art piece. Alternatively, use them as coasters for your coffee table!

Board Game Guest Book

If you and your spouse enjoy game nights, why not have your wedding guests sign a board game? You can choose whatever game you’d like, and have your guests sign the board itself, or the pieces.
For example, if you’re a fan of Monopoly, have your guests each sign their name on their favourite property. Alternatively, purchase a blank jigsaw puzzle, and have each of your guests sign a puzzle piece. Your guests will have fun trying to put the puzzle together, too!
If you prefer card games, buy a blank pack of playing cards and have your guests sign their name or draw a design on each one. You’ll be left with a fantastic souvenir that will generate fun memories for years.

Photo Board Guest Book

A picture says a thousand words. That’s especially true when it comes to wedding memories. Instead of a book, provide your guests with a few instant cameras (such as Instax Minis).
Display the memo board and cameras on your guest book table. Have each of your guests take an instant photo of themselves, and sign the back with their name and well-wishes.
Then, you (or your guests) can attach the photos to a photo board. You can either choose a modern wire mesh memo board or a more traditional cork board. After your wedding day, you can hang your wedding photo board anywhere in your home.

Plant Pot /Wishing Tree Guest Book

If you and your future spouse are nature-lovers, a plant pot guest book alternative might suit you.
Terracotta plant pots can be purchased garden centres and home ware stores. They’re affordable, durable, and attractive. Of course, make sure you choose a pot that’s large enough for all your guests to sign.
You can either get your guests to sign right on the terracotta, or you can paint the pot first in a colour of your choice. Water-based acrylic or latex paints work best. Your guests can sign using sharpies, and then you can use a sealant to protect the design.
After your wedding, you can display your plant pot guest book in your garden, or inside your home. You can plant a real plant inside it, or use it to hold artificial flowers.

Painted Canvas Guest Book

Let your wedding guests show off their creativity by creating a masterpiece just for you. All you need is a large, white canvas, a set of acrylic paints, and some paint brushes.
You can leave the canvas blank, or paint your names and wedding date in the centre first. Encourage each of your wedding guests to sign their name or draw a picture for you on the canvas. Or, why not provide ink pads and get each of your guests to leave their fingerprint?
You can give your guests a rainbow of paint colours to choose from, or just a few colours that will complement your wedding theme. When you get the canvas home, protect it with some acrylic canvas sealer. Then, you can hang it on your wall and enjoy the artwork forever!

Wishing Jar Guest Book

This simple guest book alternative is easy to make, and will look great displayed in your home. Simply purchase a large glass jar, and something for your guests to sign and put inside.
If you want to be eco-friendly, you can recycle an old jam jar or drinks bottle. For something a bit fancier, use a large clip-top Kilner jar or even an ornate glass box. Just make it’s translucent, so you can see what’s inside.
Feel free to get creative with the contents. Your guests can sign small cards, wooden hearts, or even photographs of themselves to put inside the jar. Or, use an old wine bottle and small paper scrolls to make a “message in a bottle”.

Patchwork Quilt Guest Book

Most wedding guest books are designed to be displayed or stored away. If you’d prefer something more tactile, why not have your guests sign a patchwork quilt?
You’ll need a quilt big enough for each guest to have a square, and a pack of fabric markers. Choose the washable kind that won’t fade if you need to launder your quilt. Make sure the quilt is made from a fabric that you can write on, such as cotton. It can be any colour you like!
If you’d prefer, buy some fabric quilt squares and have your guests sign those. Then, after your wedding, you can sew them together (or have a professional do it for you). After your big day, you can use it as a sofa throw, wall tapestry, bed runner, or blanket.

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