8 signs she’s a bridezilla

8 signs she’s a Bridezilla - A few months into wedding planning, your bride-to-be will be ready to pack it all in and just jet off for the honeymoon. Inbetween choosing what you actually want, what your families expect and your budget, planning a wedding can be really difficult! With this in mind it’s no surprise that everyone has short fuses and you’re fighting over small details, like does the cutlery match the table napkins.

But…there’s being stressed and overwhelmed, and then there’s being a Brideszilla. Wait…what is a brideszilla?! The term brideszilla is defined as ‘a difficult, unpleasant, perfectionist bride, who leaves those around her aggravated, angry and upset. This is something that happens when a women becomes engaged. It can happen slowly over time or instantaneous.’ And to make matters worse, there’s 8 different types! Don’t worry…we’ve got you covered!

The 8 types of Bridezilla

Bossy Bridezilla

Ahh the bossy, completely unreasonable and demanding bride. This is possibly one of the most common types, and one of the most difficult to handle.  Everything you suggest is immediately turned down, and anything apart from her vision is wrong. Whether it’s tantrums, screaming or the silent treatment, you’re in for a bumpy ride!

Overthinking Bridezilla

Deciding on the shape of cutlery will take about 3 weeks. Unfortunately wedding planning will take years not months for this bride. Every single detail will be scrutinised within an inch of its life like your entire futures happiness rests on whether the ribbons on the balloons are the same shade of pastel pink as the napkins, and the flowers, and the seat covers and her nail polish.

Bitchy Bridezilla

Picking on one member of the bridal party is this Bridezillas latest hobby, and rudely shuts down any advice that comes her way. She often will openly bitch about family members or her bridal party, seeming almost proud and happy about doing so!

Entitled Bridezilla

This bride gets what she wants when she wants it. No matter the financial cost  or who she annoys. Tell her no at your and see if you live to tell the tale! This bride-to-be expects absolute perfection regardless of the consequences. Don’t be surprised if this bride also creates situations in order to get out of paying full price for something. Trust us when we say what she wants…she gets.

Needy Bride

Delegating is this brides middle name! Unable to do anything on her own this bride will pass off as much as she can on family members, bridal party and the groom-to-be! As if that wasn’t bad enough, this bride-to-be will need constant reassurance that everything she is doing is perfect! She wants to be the most beautiful bride there ever was.

Crazy Bridezilla

While often mistaken for the Bitchy Bridezilla, the Bossy Bridezilla or the Entitled Bridezilla, the Crazy Bridezilla has a nasty violent streak.

The Money’s no object bridezilla

Need we say anymore…

She’s Competitive

She’s prepared to out shine any other bride-to-be! Whether it’s making sure you have the biggest marquee. The tallest chocolate fountain, or the most up-to-date on trend wedding dress. She has to be number one. Often forgetting that this is a joint weddi

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