7 Hairstyles That Will Knock Your Groom Off His Feet

Venue, dress, music, guest list… check, check, check! The groom? Yuuup…. check! Now let’s not forget about those luscious locks! Whether you sport a short ‘do, a medium mane or long flowing tresses, you’ll need a bridal ‘do to END all ‘dos! Let’s check out the seven hottest bridal hairstyles for Summer 2014…

The Bouffant Ballet Bun

Reeeowww! This elegantly tousled up-do will have your groom and your guests floored before they even hit the dance floor! A pretty lace or sparkling diamond headband (don’t mind if I do!) tames the base of the hair and is the perfect frame for your immaculately made-up face. It’s the ‘do that put Katie Holmes on the paparazzi map and we know you can rock it too!

The Lustrous Mermaid

Donning your gleaming white wedding dress and shimmering shoes, Ariel will have NOTHING on you with this carefree and spirited hairdo. Best suited for a beach or nature-inspired wedding, this hairstyle screams the free-and-easy in you. Just imagine your groom’s face as the balmy ocean breeze rustles through your loosely entwined tresses! This ‘do sets the scene for a day (and a lifetime) of bliss and contentment.

Pixie Poses

For those with short and sweet locks, this arresting ‘do is bold yet feminine, reminding your groom who’s boss! Heroic and romantic with wispy feathery ends, this striking short-do is complemented with a gold or silver headband and ruby red lips, for a simply unforgettable look.

The Bo-Ho-Do

Oh boy…. looking at this beautiful Bohemian bride has made me want to run out and get married… AGAIN! (To the same husband of course. ;-)) A simple middle part with long cascading curls will send your groom weak at the knees. This style works best on brides with medium to long hair. And don’t forget this ‘do’s piece de resistance… a sweet floral wreath for a truly soft and romantic feel.

A Midsummer Night’s Do

This breathtaking braided-halo-do brings to mind fairies, forests and whimsical day dreams! With a scattering of flowers on the side, this ‘do is a stunning combination of casual and elegance for any destination or outdoor wedding. Perfectly complimented with a soft flowing gown and gently sun-kissed skin, nothing says “I do” like this Shakespearean-inspired ‘do!

Tying-the-Knot Knot

Classic elegance. Simple charm. Timeless beauty. Dazzle your wedding party with this impossibly graceful Audrey Hepburn-esque up-do. Casually swept back into a loose yet neatly tousled chignon, this hairstyle keeps things cool and casual yet oozes sophistication.

The Perfectly-Up-Do

Like everything you’ve planned for on your big day, you want your hair to be just as perfect. This ‘do is unbeatably easy and elegant. Long straight hair is pulled back and tied with a simple rustic string, with the ponytail perfectly curled for a neat but voluminous look. Your groom will see nothing but your joyous and radiant face, to make for a fairytale wedding to end all fairytale weddings!

What hair style did you choose for your wedding?

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