6 of the Most Bizarre Wedding Requests You’ll Ever Hear

From a young age, girls around the world dream about their perfect wedding day, and when the time to get married does finally come around, the big day will be need to be meticulously planned out, down to the finest details.

From obtusely rude to downright weird: we asked people about the most bizarre wedding requests they had ever heard, and we received some pretty outrageous tales…

"I used to work at a hotel which accommodated weddings. The best man got drunk and threw up on his suit before they had a chance to take any pictures so he asked me to swap suits with him”.

“Went to a nudist wedding. One of the most uncomfortable days of my life.”

“They all pissed and shat inside, all over the velvet carpet. One even shat while they were walking down the aisle.”

“I was a wedding organiser and during one ceremony the only thing that the groom insisted upon at the wedding was that he cut the cake with a sword.”

“So at this point, I was dressed in swimming apparel. Reeking of sunscreen and standing in a whale shaped kiddie pool while my father was remarrying.”

“A groom once requested that all men wear dresses and girls wears suits.”

Have you ever received a strange wedding request? Or perhaps you were the one that gave it? If so, we’d like to hear from you on Twitter @Bride_and_Groom

Have you sent out those all important wedding invitations yet?

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