5 Things You Didn't Know You Could Register for Your Wedding!

Here comes one of the really, really fun parts of getting married. Registering! You’ll want to register for your wedding as soon as you have time after you are engaged, but at least six months before the big day.

Why so soon? You’re going to have an engagement party, a hen party and other possible wedding events happening before the main event. So give your loved ones a place to go to buy something for you that they know that you want or need.

Do note that you should never print your registries on your invitations or be forthcoming with the information in conversation without being asked where you are registered. It’s just bad taste to blurt out where friends and family can buy you things.

What you can do is put it on your note cards, or on your wedding website and feature your site’s URL on invitations without mention of the registry (you’ll have other info up there like wedding-day details and photos of the bride and groom).

Now for 5 more things you most likely didn’t know you could register for your wedding...

1. You can register for a house!

It’s not really good etiquette to ask for cold hard cash and these days, unless you’re part of the Corleone family, the envelopes might not be flowing in your direction. That’s why brilliant alternative registry sites like Deposit a Gift from the USA are doing it for you. With a traditional registry service you sign up for specific things you want for your home and beyond; with these sites you build your registry based on what you’d like to save for in the future—a house, a pet, holidays, cars, a university fund…

2. You can register for your honeymoon

You read it right! You’re asking for money with a purpose—money towards room upgrades, a private sailing trip, spa treatments, a romantic dinner on the beach, horseback riding and more. Honeymoon registry sites like Travel Counsellors are more than eager to get it all set up for you.

3. You can register to benefit others

Probably one of the most selfless things a couple can do is register to benefit a charity or charities of their choice. It’s not for everyone (we get it if you want some presents!) but it’s an amazing option that is out there. Websites such as Globalgiving.co.uk can help should you have all the worldly possessions you need at the moment.

4. Register for more things than guests

If you’re taking the traditional registry route, don’t just register for 75 things if you’re inviting 75 guests. A good rule of thumb is to register for double the amount of things as guests.

So, for 75 guests, register for at least 150 items.

Some people will want to buy you two or more gifts, and don’t forget that some ladies and gents will want to purchase an engagement and/or hen party gift for you off of your registry as well.

Plus, you want to provide options in various price points. Put a few expensive items on there but be sure to balance those with low and medium-priced gifts, too, since guests have varying budgets.

Then check your registry every few weeks to see if you need to add more items (lucky you!), and do your best to keep up with thank you notes so you’re not in the weeds trying to remember who got you what post-wedding bash.

5. Your registry doesn’t end with the wedding day

Cue sigh of relief. Don’t fret if you didn’t get everything on your list. It’s not going to just evaporate into thin air. Many shops offer discounts on remaining items on your list. And you can usually keep them open for about a year after your wedding. You know, for your birthday gifts, Christmas, and more!

Don't Forget To Thank Everyone After Your Big Day!

Gift giving at weddings is traditionally commutable. As guests gift to the bridal party and the wedded couple reciprocate with gifts for loved ones and family who helped you pull off the big day. As for your guests, the perfect way to thank them for their support and gifts is by sending them a thank you card. With an incredible range of designs to choose from, visit Bride & Groom Direct for thank you cards for weddings.


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