20 Amazing Save the Date Design Ideas (Rustic, Vintage, Traditional and More)

Have you started your wedding planning journey? If so, congratulations! Once you’ve decided on your wedding date and booked your venue to secure it, it’s time to think about sending save the dates.

Save the dates are essential for pretty much any modern wedding, owing to the busy lives we all lead nowadays. They’re simple cards that let your wedding invitees know the date of your wedding well in advance, before you’ve decided on any of the particulars. They’re almost like “pre-invitations”, and are a great way to announce your engagement, as well as letting people know that they’re going to be invited in due course.

This guide will talk you through the process of choosing a save the date template, and how to go about designing it. We’ll also share with you some of our favourite save the date design ideas, perfect for many wedding themes including rustic, vintage, traditional and modern.

What Kind of Save the Date Should I Choose?

The save the date is one of the most important pieces of wedding stationery – and that’s because it’s the very first communication that your guests will receive about your wedding.

So, as well as informing your guests of your wedding date, the save the dates will also set the tone for your entire wedding celebration! It’s important that you choose a design that reflects the style and aesthetic that you’re imagining for your big day.

This will allow your guests to really start to imagine what your wedding day will be like, and mentally prepare for it. If you’re aiming for a rustic, floral wedding in the woods, your save the dates should reflect this – a glamorous or glitzy design would give the completely wrong vibe.

It’s also crucial that your save the dates reflect your wedding colour scheme. That’s because your invitees will start to choose their wedding outfits based on the information you give them at this stage. For example, if your save the dates are dusky pink, they’ll assume that your bridesmaids will be wearing this colour, and will steer clear of it when choosing their own ensemble.

How to Design the Perfect Save the Date

The first step to designing your ideal wedding save the date card is to choose an appropriate template. At Bride and Groom Direct, we offer over a hundred different save the date cards and magnets, all of which can be fully personalised with your own details and wording. Most of the designs can also be customised with your preferred font colour and style, too – so you can truly make it your own. All of our save the dates will come with matching envelopes.

Here we have a collection of unique save the date designs, separated into some of the most popular wedding themes. You’re bound to find one that will suit the dream you have for your big day.

Floral, Botanical and Rustic Save the Date Designs

Floral, botanical and rustic weddings are a huge trend nowadays, and it’s easy to see why. With an abundance of floral adornments, naturalistic hessian and kraft signs and decorations, and added flourishes of leafy greenery, these weddings are absolutely beautiful and perfect for spring, summer or autumn. This theme is ideal for both casual and formal weddings, and works particularly well for outdoor or barn venues.

Floral Arch Wedding Save the Date Card

Roses of dusky pink, baby pink and cream nestle amongst foliage and fronds on this floral-themed save the date design. Your information stands out against a pure white background in a modern twirly typeface.

Painted Blooms Wedding Save the Date Card

White and cream flowers, surrounded in light and dark green foliage, form a delicate wreath around the words “save the date” on the front of this card. Your information is printed inside. This save the date card would work with almost any wedding colour scheme – ideal if you haven’t chosen your perfect wedding colours yet!

Greenery Wedding Save the Date Card

This botanically themed save the date card features a green garland made of various light and dark green leaves. This makes a bold design statement for a spring or summer wedding.

Floral Buds Save the Date Card

This unusual Floral Buds save the date card features a dark botanical motif on the front, with a variety of leaves and pale pink flower buds surrounding your first names. Open it up to reveal your wedding date, printed in your choice of font.

Chiffon and Lace Save the Date Card

This beautiful design is perfect for either a rustic or vintage themed wedding, with delicate white lace printed onto the corners of a brown kraft-style card background.

Pink Rose Save the Date Card

The perfect rustic design, this Pink Rose save the date card features a dainty bouquet of candy-pink roses and buds on the front, set against a natural wood background. Perfect for any spring or summer wedding.

Willow Save the Date Card

These elegant Willow save the date cards will let your guests know that a woodsy, floral wedding celebration is awaiting them! With a design of ivory flowers set against an ash-toned wood background, this is the perfect rustic design.

Vintage and Traditional Save the Date Designs

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with sticking to classic, timeless wedding tradition. Traditional weddings give off an aura of floor-length ballgowns, beautiful romantic detailing, and lots of lace. Vintage weddings tend to be based on a specific era (e.g. 1920s or 1950s) and can feature specific design inspiration from a favourite era in history. Let your guests know that a classic or vintage wedding awaits them with these save the date designs.

Vintage Chalkboard Wedding Save the Date Card

Use the Vintage Chalkboard save the date cards to announce your wedding day in old-fashioned elegance. The background of each card is designed to look like a retro slate-grey chalkboard, with your names and wedding date printed in a handwriting-style white font.

Timeless Save the Date Card

This antique looking floral-themed design would suit any vintage tea party themed wedding, with its stained-looking beige background, fleur detailing and birds perched on flowers. Your names feature in a timeless cursive font.

Vintage Rose Save the Date Card

Announce your vintage wedding loud and proud with a burst of colour and style from this Vintage Rose save the date card. Bright pink roses stand out against a duck egg and white polka-dot background.

Telegram Save the Date Card

This very retro save the date card is designed to look like a telegram, and would be perfect for a 1900s, ‘10s, ‘20s or ‘30s themed wedding. It certainly makes a statement with its unusual design!

Elegance Save the Date Card

This pure white save the date card is the picture of elegance, and would be the perfect way to let your friends and family know to expect a traditional “white wedding”. The words “save the date' are blind-embossed at the top of the textured card.

Elegant Save the Date Magnet

This Elegant save the date takes the form of a magnet – your recipients can stick it to their fridge or filing cabinet! An antique fleur pattern features in the background with an elegant swirly diamond design, perfect for any traditional wedding. Your text stands out in black.

Together Save the Date Card

This simple but effective photographic save the date card figures two gleaming wedding rings sitting underneath a classic ivory rose. Romantic words such as “love” and “cherish” are superimposed in transparent text on top of the image.

Quirky and Contemporary Save the Date Designs

If you and your fiancé(e) aren’t sticklers for tradition, you might fancy celebrating your wedding with a more modern or quirky style. Let your wedding guests know to expect something a little bit different with these contemporary save the date designs.

Love Hearts Save the Date Card

A set of modern save the date cards from the Love Hearts stationery collection. The sweets will have your names inscribed on them (as shown).

Ball and Chain Save the Date Card

Let your guests know to expect a light-hearted affair with this hilarious Ball and Chain save the date design. It features an unfortunate groom tied up in ropes and attached to a heavy-looking ball and chain – with his new bride on the other end!

Cupcakes Save the Date Card

Perfect for the anyone who wants a more casual wedding, this sweet design features two cupcakes – one decorated in a bridal white and the other with a miniature tuxedo. It’s ideal for the couple with a sweet tooth!

Wedding Quackers Save the Date Card

This adorable design is perfect for the child-at-heart couple who don’t take themselves too seriously. It features a photographic image of two bright yellow rubber ducks sat on a wooden bench – one dressed as a bride and the other as a groom.

From the Kids Save the Date Card

If your little ones are going to play a huge part in your wedding celebration, let your guests know with this angelic From the Kids template – designed to look as though a child has illustrated it in crayon!

Love is Love Save the Date Card

Perfect for any modern LGBTQ+ wedding, this beautiful and forward-thinking save the date design features a stunning watercolour-style rainbow, against which the words “love is love” feature in a white outlined font.

How to Order Save the Date Cards

Once you’ve chosen your ideal template from Bride and Groom Direct, simply choose your required quantity and click on “buy now & start personalising” to open our easy editor. There, you can input all of the relevant details of your wedding (i.e. your names, wedding date, and venue if applicable) and customise the way the wording looks on the card.

You can even customise the font style and colour if you so choose. Some of our designs also allow you to upload your own artwork or photograph to the card, in black and white or full colour!

Once you’ve finalised the design, you’ll be shown a final preview of how it will look. Once you approve the proof and check out, your save the dates will be professionally checked, printed and dispatched to you within 3-4 working days! What are you waiting for?

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