12 Inspiring Wedding Table Decoration Ideas to Suit Any Theme

It can be difficult choosing the perfect theme. With so many colour schemes, designs, suggestions and themes out there to pick from and so many possibilities for your own creativity, it can seem like you’ll never find the perfect match!
But once you’ve chosen your wedding theme, you’ve got the added difficulty of trying to come up with enticing and elegant table décor that will work seamlessly with your aesthetic. You’ve got to think about place settings, centrepieces, lighting, wall and even ceiling decorations for that dream wedding breakfast experience.

Here are 12 inspiring table decoration ideas that suit any theme, to make your wedding planning just a little bit easier.

1. Candles

Candles say romance, so it’s no wonder that they have a place on the wedding table. Flooding the room with candles is a great way to make a big statement without spending too much money. Candles come in plenty of sizes and shapes, and therefore can work well for any theme:

1) Tapered candles for a romantic, vintage vibe
2) Pillar candles for a bold statement
3) Tea lights for a gentle glow amid other décor
4) Coloured candles to match your wedding colour scheme (you can even do rainbow for a modern “love is love” vibe!)

Candles set inside glass jars or holders, depending on the design, can create a luxurious feel that elevates any elegant celebration – or they can take your rustic wedding up a notch, such as these hanging glass candle holders.
You can even get uniquely shaped candles to suit specific themes. For example, these beautiful shimmering snowflake tea lights would be perfect for a winter wedding.

2. LED and Neon Lights

Make your tables futuristic with the use of long LED light bars or neon lights in fun shapes. They give a lot of flexibility with colours, so you won’t have to commit to one colour for the length of the party.
Shake things up by making the lights alternate between colours, roll an ombre effect across the room, pulse with the music, or even dance. Alternatively, use LED signs to bring that extra pop! This bold Love LED sign has a classy and contemporary vibe.
For a more classic and rustic vibe, experiment with ideas such as light-filled jars scattered about the table. These delicate and pretty glass bottle table lights impart a whimsical, fairy-tale feel to any rustic, garden or countryside wedding.

3. Chandeliers

OK, this fabulous piece of décor won’t actually be sitting on the table itself – but chandeliers and hanging lights can make an incredible difference to your guests’ dining experience, so they’re well worth a mention. And if they’re hanging low enough, they’ll also work as a centrepiece!

Consider dropping a crystal chandelier above your dinner tables if your venue says castle, chateau, or mansion. Lanterns or open frame lamps look fantastic for tented celebrations or those in rustic locations. Plus, floral chandeliers (flowers hanging in the shape of a chandelier) combine the best of both worlds.

Having an alfresco affair? You can still rig a system to hang chandeliers above tables, and it’ll look like they’re floating in thin air. How about that for a centrepiece?

4. Floral Arrangements

The most traditional centrepiece is a classic floral arrangement. Whether these are tall, short, wide, or narrow, fresh blooms in the middle of the table just say “wedding.”
Tall arrangements work well in large spaces with high ceilings; the height of the flowers draws the eye up and helps create volume. Garlands and loose leaves are a refined way to dress a table, especially if you plan to have long tables; strings of greenery can follow the length of the table, and the low height allows for plenty of conversation among guests.

Of course, there are a wealth of blooms and foliage to choose from, depending on your theme and colour scheme. But the vessel you put them in matters too! From classic glass vases to ceramic pitchers and acrylic holders, they add another level of detail to your centrepiece and can be customised to suit any theme. You want to place wildflowers in camping mugs for your glamping wedding? Go for it!

5. Succulents and Greenery

Hoping for something out of the box – or maybe you’re just not that into the feminine feel of traditional florals? Ditch the flowers and embrace succulents and greenery instead.

Pair a terracotta plate with moss and succulents for a unique look. Line miniature ceramic pots along the centre of the table containing tiny Cacti and Aloe plants. Or invest in some large spherical glass jars, and fill the inside with a multitude of mini plants.

Try setting up cute terrariums for a unique set of table decorations. Rose gold edges paired with tiny succulents is the perfect display for a desert-inspired or boho wedding. Alternatively, an iron framed case filled with miniature ferns and a lightly misted glass to give a mysterious, almost Jurassic look.

6. Scavenged Items from Nature

For a natural look that would suit any garden, rustic, woodland or barn wedding, take inspiration from nature! Play with an array of different pinecones if you’re getting married in the autumn. For a beach-inspired bash, natural pebbles and seashells are free and will add to the nautical vibe considerably. Experiment with fruit or olive branches for a more unusual natural or horticultural design.

If you really want to make a splash, adding some cut citrus fruits or dried citrus slices to the mix will certainly do the trick. Mix your scavenged natural elements with candles for a bright and stunning statement. Don’t forget scented candles are always an option too, with vanilla-scented candles pairing perfectly with citrus fruits, such as this Hearts glass vanilla candle.

7. Wonderous Woods

Trees are all the rage; some couples are actually placing trees in the middle of the table to suspend candles from the branches. Some hang flowers from the branches, or other types of décor like hanging lights, baubles, decorative ribbons or photographs, which can create a magical garden vibe. To enhance the atmosphere, place trees at the reception entrance or around the dance floor so the look feels cohesive.

For something truly unique in the centre of your table, incorporate tall branches in tall vases and pair them with a light floral accent to command true attention. Textured and knotted wood can be an ideal decorative touch as the irregular patterns and flowing lines of the grain draw the eye and add interest and variation to the displays.

Try a driftwood decoration with a heavy patina to finish your nautical themed wedding, or paint your wooden plank tables in pastel shades for a glamping or festival feel. Add some elegant wooden table numbers to further tie your theme together.

8. Scattered Gems and Table Confetti

Table confetti can really take any wedding dining table up a notch. There is an abundance of different types of wedding table confetti to choose from. For example:

1) Real flower petal confetti, which would suit garden and floral-themed weddings (and is also eco-friendly!)
2) Wooden table confetti, ideal for a rustic, barn or woodland-themed bash
3) Elegant and glamorous table crystals for a classy affair, available in many different colours to suit your scheme
4) Heart-shaped printed paper confetti for vintage and book-themed weddings
5) Pink and gold glitter confetti, to take any glitz and glam themed wedding to the next level

The presence of confetti scattered throughout the table really says that this is a celebration, rather than any old meal. You could even give out confetti cannons to your guests so that they can help decorate with a bang!

9. Vintage Thrifted Objects

Incorporating “found objects” such as antiques brings a new element to your vintage reception table.
Try old bottles, worn down violins, marble busts, taxidermies, and other curiosities in the place of traditional florals. Give guests another good reason to get up and move around the room to see what is happening visually.
Alternatively, Literary fanatics could try old books! Place your favourite tomes in stacks on the table, with added details like wild flowers and candles. It’s extremely personal and you can even theme tables after genres, like historical fiction, chick lit, classic epics, or poetry.

10. Balloons

Balloons may be a classic decoration for children’s parties, but they can work wonderfully at weddings too. Dot some beautiful helium balloons across all of your tables to add a fun and whimsical touch to your décor. These elegant pearlised balloons, with a metallic sheen finish, are available in 10 different colours – allowing you to perfectly match them with your wedding colour scheme.
Or, add a touch of glamour and make an impression on your guests with large confetti orb balloons. These balloons are transparent and colourless, but filled with beautiful circular confetti in your choice of colours (gold, blue or pink).

11. Hanging Blooms

Why place a vase on the tabletop when you can hang flowers from above? A new way to incorporate florals, hanging arrangements of blooms and botanicals create a living ceiling for your wedding tables. As guests look up, they’ll see roses, wisteria, and more cascading down from above. It’s quite the experience! Hanging flowers also work well in tents, when couples may want to disguise the rafters and ceiling.

Don’t forget, if you’re worried about them wilting (or the cost), you can always use artificial flowers (such as silk, plastic and foam). You can get some strikingly realistic fake flowers these days, and if you’re hanging them from above, your guests won’t be close enough to spot that they aren’t real.

12. A Little Bit of You

When choosing your wedding table décor, don’t forget that it should reflect your own interests and personality. Forget about what’s ‘normal’ or expected, and go with something that really sparks your own imagination and gets you excited to share your life with your wedding guests.
Display your collection of pewter horse sculptures or authentic Spanish pottery! If you’re really into Harry Potter, scatter the table with some resin or wooden wands, house ties and decorative golden goblets.
So often couples feel like they have to rely on florals. Personalise your decor to be reflective of your unique personalities and passions.

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