11 Handy Kitchen Gadgets You Need on Your Wedding Registry

So, you’ve just got engaged and the planning for your big day is in full swing. Congratulations! One of the first things on your list, no doubt, is to create your wedding registry. If you didn't know, this is where you let all of your family and friends know what wedding gifts you’d like them to buy for you on your special day.
Traditionally, the wedding gift registry is supposed to set the couple up for their first home together: necessities for the kitchen and the house that you’ll use every day. But in this day and age, most couples move in together before getting married, and will already have the bare-bones essentials.
So, your wedding gift list is a great place to request some slightly fancier kitchen gadgets – the kinds of things you wouldn’t buy for yourself. Here are some of our favourite kitchen gadgets that would make perfect additions to any wedding registry.

1) Professional Quality Knife Set

A good knife set is an essential for any kitchen, which is why when it comes to wedding registries, a top quality knife set is always a popular choice. Sharp, strong knives make cooking much easier and much more fun: it's much less frustrating to chop things up when your knife can actually chop!
A good set should include knives of all shapes and sizes: chef’s knives for dicing vegetables, a cleaver for meat, a serrated knife for slicing bread, and a utility knife for more intricate work. There are all sorts of brands available in various materials such as stainless steel and ceramic.
On a related note, now's the time to ask for gorgeous silverware. A beautiful set of forks, knives, and spoons is not only practical but will make your dinners feel a little more luxurious.

2) Knife Sharpener

Speaking of knives, a knife sharpener is an absolute essential for keeping your knives in good condition. Dull knives are not only more dangerous to use but can be really frustrating when you're trying to cook. Even the most expensive knives will become blunt over time.
A quality sharpener will keep your knives razor-sharp and prolong their lifespan, so they'll last long into your marriage. There are a few different types of sharpeners on the market, but our personal favourite is the electric sharpener. It's easy to use and quick, so you can get your knives back into action in no time. It’s also less dangerous to use than a manual sharpener.

3) Solid Wood Chopping Board

Whether it qualifies as a ‘gadget’ or not is up for debate – but there’s no doubt that a chopping board is something that you will use every day, whether you’re cutting up some fruit for a snack or preparing an elaborate three-course dinner. So, it's definitely worth investing in a good quality one.
If you’ve been using cheap plastic boards so far, now’s the time to add a high-quality, real wood chopping board to your wedding gift registry. Real wood is durable and won't mark or scratch your knives.
Bamboo is a popular choice for chopping boards as it's environmentally friendly, although some people find it too soft. If you're looking for something a bit more hard-wearing, then try acacia wood: it's strong and sturdy, but still gentle on your knives. You can ask for a set, which will have different sizes, or for one big cutting board for all your needs.

4) High-Speed Blender

A blender is a must-have for any cook, whether you're a beginner or an expert. It can be used to make everything from smoothies to pasta sauces!
A high-speed blender has up to 1,500 watts of power, so they outperform your basic cheap blenders by a long way. High-speed blenders dramatically decrease the amount of time it takes to blend things like:

1) Fibrous vegetables
2) Dates
3) Smoothies containing seeded fruits like raspberries
4) Nut-based sauces and ‘nut milks’
5) Baby food

If you're looking for something more discreet, then an immersion blender might be a good option too. This handheld device is perfect for blending smaller quantities of food. They can be used in any pot, pan or bowl, and are very easy to clean.
There are all sorts of blenders and immersion blenders on the market these days, so it's definitely worth doing some research before adding one to your list.

5) Kitchen Scales

A kitchen scale, also called a food scale, is a really handy gadget to have – especially if you're someone who likes to bake! With a digital kitchen scale, you can weigh your ingredients with precision, ensuring that your cakes and cookies always come out perfectly.
They’re also great for those of us who like to count our calories, or have to for medical reasons – digital scales are essential for tracking exactly how much you’re eating.

There are all sorts of different kitchen scales available on the market. If you're looking for something precise and modern, then a digital kitchen scale will do the trick. But if you'd prefer something a little more rustic to fit into a traditional-looking kitchen, you could register for a set of old-fashioned manual scales instead.

6) Measuring Cups and Spoons

When it comes to baking, measuring your ingredients is key if you want your treats to come out right. But the problem is that many recipes – especially recipes originating in the United States – don’t list the ingredients by weight. Instead, they use volume.
That's where measuring cups and spoons come in! A good set of measuring cups and spoons is a great item to have on your wedding registry. It will ensure that you never have to guess how much of an ingredient to use when following American recipes, which can often lead to disaster in the kitchen.
There are all sorts of different measuring cups and spoons available, from basic black plastic to rainbow-coloured silicone. They’ll all do the same job, so it comes down to your personal taste.

7) Air Fryer

An air fryer is a great investment for any kitchen. It uses hot air to cook food instead of oil, so it's a much healthier option than traditional frying methods – but the resulting meals are just as crispy, crunchy and tasty as if you’d deep-fried them. What’s not to love?
Air fryers come in many sizes with various features, so there's definitely one to suit your needs. They're also really easy and quick to use, so you’ll have no problem even if you’re no great shakes at cooking.
Once you’ve used an air fryer, you’ll wonder how you survived without it. It’s a real must-have for your wedding gift list!

8) Espresso Machine

An espresso machine is the perfect addition to any kitchen, especially if you’re a real coffee aficionado. It allows you to make professional-quality coffee at home, so you don't have to settle for instant coffee or spend a fortune at Starbucks every day.
There are all sorts of different espresso machines available, from simple pod machines to more complex manual machines. If you really appreciate that hit of caffeine in the morning, an espresso machine is a must-have for your registry.
Plus, it's the perfect excuse to have coffee every morning (and afternoon, and evening...) without feeling guilty. A wedding gift that keeps on giving!

9) Plates and Bowls: The 'Good China!'

It almost goes without saying, but your wedding registry is a chance to get your hands on some really nice plates and bowls. No more mismatched sets from your uni days!
It's practically a tradition in and of itself to ask for fine china in your wedding registry, so now's the time to ask for that beautiful dinner set that you've always wanted. If you're not sure what to go for, then try picking a simple white set with minimal adornments: it'll go with everything and never go out of style. Alternatively, if you're looking for something more unique, then there are all sorts of beautiful patterned sets available.

10) Ice-Cream Maker

An ice cream maker is the perfect way to celebrate summer (or any time of year, really). It's a great way to make delicious and healthy ice cream at home, without all the additives and sugar that you find in store-bought ice cream. And by making ice cream at home, you're not limited to the flavours on offer in your local supermarket - you can let your imagination run wild!
Ice cream makers are also really easy to use, and come with detailed instructions and recipe suggestions. So even if you've never attempted it before, you'll be able to make delicious ice cream with ease.

11) Stand Mixer

If you're a serious baker, then you'll know that a good stand mixer is essential. The problem is that stand mixers are so expensive that most of us wouldn’t feel as though we could justify buying one for ourselves. That’s why a stand mixer makes the perfect addition to any wedding gift registry!

Stand mixers are amazing for making a whole range of baked goods, and come with various attachments for things like kneading bread dough and whisking egg whites. Probably the most famous brand of stand mixer is KitchenAid, but these days there are many available in a variety of price brackets.

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