10 Stunning Wedding Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas

A photo speaks a thousand words. Photos share faces, places, stories, and feelings that are relevant to those who are part of that special moment.
So, what better way to commemorate your wedding than by setting up your very own wedding photo booth? You’ll always want to remember the faces of family and friends who took the time to share with you this wonderful journey. Looking back at photos of your wedding day will be truly amazing. While you’ll have a professional wedding photographer, there’s something so much more fun about letting guests take their own funny snaps, too.

Having a photo booth at your wedding is not only fun but will also bring an exciting experience to your guests. It has become the life of the party, a great venue for social media-worthy photos.

If you are ready to give your guests that unforgettable wedding experience, here are 10 stunning wedding photo booth background ideas to get you started.

1. Tropical Wedding Photo Booth

This is the perfect photo booth background for tropical-themed or destination weddings. A fully decorated wall with bright and colourful tropical flowers is guaranteed to impress your guests. You can also add palms, and laser cut wording like the bride and groom’s names, and wedding date.

A tropical wedding photo booth would not be complete without a stunning white-sand beach or coastline as a background. Make sure to use the beauty of a turquoise ocean as the perfect frame. This photo booth idea is also recommended if you cannot push through with your beach wedding plans due to health and travel restrictions.

2. Winter Wedding Photo Booth Background

Whether you put a Christmas tree in the booth, use Christmas wrapping paper on the wall, paint a wintery scene, or use a big wreath as a backdrop, this would be a lovely way to commemorate your wedding day.
Or for a more classic and romantic approach, you can set up an oversized gold frame adorned with muted winter florals, evergreen branches and mistletoe. For an extra beautiful touch, add some fake snow or even a fake snow machine for use during the photoshoot.

3. Distressed Door Backdrop

A distressed or textured wooden door adorned with flowers and garlands provides a beautiful and natural background for your wedding photo booth shots. A white textured door decorated with flowers of any colour or seasonal blooms is always beautiful and would provide a great contrast if you’d rather not go with natural wood.
This quirky photo booth background idea would work with most wedding themes, but would be particularly perfect for rustic or vintage weddings.

4. Balloon Wall

Do you want your wedding photo booth background to “pop”? Then a wall of beautiful, brightly-coloured balloons would be perfect. Please pardon the pun!

The great thing about balloons is that they come in almost every colour imaginable, so they’ll work with any wedding theme and colour scheme. For example, why not try:

A) Red, gold and green balloons for a winter or Christmas wedding
B) Pale hues of pink, purple, blue and yellow for a pastel springtime wedding
C) Bold bright pinks, oranges and yellows for a fun tropical-drink twist
D) Ivory, silver and gold balloons for a classic wedding look that will work with any theme
E) A wall of white balloons with a few dots of your main wedding theme colour, to match the bridesmaids’ dresses

The possibilities are endless! Just ensure to affix them securely to a board, and don’t fill them with helium just in case they float away.

5. All White Photo Booth Backdrop

The all-white backdrop is a classic and is definitely a must for a traditional white wedding. You can have this set up at your reception lounge or cocktail area where guests can drop by for beautiful wedding snapshots.
The all-white concept can be used as a ceremony backdrop and then a photo booth background at the reception. Having this is like killing two birds with one stone; something to enhance the beauty of the space at the same time adding a touch of elegance to the memories captured through the lens.

6. Ombre Flower Wall

This wedding photo booth backdrop idea is a lovely option if you want to shy away from the traditional side. A wall packed with fresh flower buds creating an ombré effect, from dark to light, will look simply stunning as your photo booth background image.
You can use your main wedding colour and/or your accent colour as inspiration for the ombré effect. Ombré is bang on-trend right now, so it will be the talk of the party. And if you don’t want (or can’t afford) to use fresh flowers, you could instead use paper decorations, buntings or silk roses.

7. Fresh Greenery Backdrop

Most weddings showcase stunning and colourful flowers. The greenery backdrop is a simple yet unique twist to the traditional flower walls and decorations. This would be perfect for a wedding that isn’t overly feminine or girly in its concept, and even better if you’re having a woodland-themed celebration.

The great thing about this idea is that you can incorporate different elements of greenery into your wedding photo booth backdrop depending on what is in season at the time: holly and fir branches in winter, or lush green deciduous leaves in the summer. You can even forage your own greenery from trees in your own back garden, if you don’t want to spend any money.

8. The Red Curtain

You’ve heard about the red carpet, but what about the red curtain? This simple, bold and effective wedding photo booth backdrop is sure to make any photo taken in front of it look glamorous. Simply buy or hire a beautiful bright red velvet curtain, and set it up as the background of your photo booth. It’s easy to execute, and will certainly catch the eye.
This idea is absolutely perfect for glitz and glam or Oscar themed weddings, though perhaps isn’t ideal if you’re going for the natural look.

9. Floral Backdrop Behind the Table

This wedding photo booth idea is costly but is absolutely snap-worthy. Instead of placing a dedicated photo booth at the reception, you can ask your wedding florist to make flower walls or archways directly behind each reception table. You can ask them to use flowers and botanical elements that match your bouquet, and coordinate with the décor of the room.

This way, guests won’t have to line up at the booth to have their photos taken. Guests can instantly capture memorable photos from their tables. Just scatter a few cheap instant cameras around on every reception table and let your guests have fun!

10. Wedding Chalk Board

If you’re having a vintage wedding, why not use an enormous blackboard as the backdrop for your wedding photo booth? You can decorate it yourself with chalk or chalk-effect paints, or hire a professional sign painter to customise it for you before your wedding. You can add details such as your names, your wedding date, and the name of your venue.
Or, make this an interactive experience by adding some chalk on the tables nearby and allowing your guests to write their own messages on the board before they snap their photo booth pictures! This would make a wonderful addition to any wedding photo album.

Wedding Photo Booth Tips

From simple DIY to fancy wedding photo booth backdrops, guests will flock to it for silly, hilarious, and beautiful photos that they can bring home. Considering that most people these days are into social media, a wedding simply isn’t complete without photo booths.
Follow these important tips for your guest to use and enjoy your wedding photo booth.


Set up your photo booth near the guests’ lounge, bar, dance floor, or any area at the reception with high traffic. Make sure to put the booth up where people can see it.
Talk to your venue coordinator and explain you would like it placed near an open space, which is easy to access and with ample room for your guests to line up to have the next turn.

Make It Unique

Bring your wedding photo booth to life by adding decorations and accessories that reflect your wedding theme and style. Even if you go DIY, it should showcase your personality with the elements of fun and surprise.

If you are having a destination or outdoor wedding, make sure to use the natural beauty of the location as a photo background.
But if you prefer complex design and ideas, you may want to consider hiring the services of a professional, or photo booth Rental Company to take care of things for you. Whatever your choice is, your backdrop should be eye-catching.

Add Fun Photo Booth Props

Photo booth props can be messy and occupy space, but they’re absolutely essential for the best wedding photo booths. Props include things like pretend glasses, moustaches, hats, comically large lips and foam fingers for your guests enjoy playing around with while they take their pictures.

The whole point is for everyone to let loose and have fun, and photo booth props are the perfect way to encourage this. Make sure you choose on-theme props that will work with your photo booth background, and your overall wedding aesthetic.

Easy Sharing

Make it convenient for your guests to have a copy of their photos through their mobile phones for social media posting. While you can also make physical or hard copy photos available for guests to take home, it would be amazing for guests to be able to share their photos online with your wedding hashtag.

This is particularly important if some people that you’d have loved to be at your wedding were forced to stay home, due to illness or travel restrictions. They can follow along with the photos as they’re happening in real time – almost as if they’re there celebrating with you.

When you’re ready to start shopping for your photo booth props, frames and other accessories, head over to Bride and Groom Direct. There, you’ll find a beautiful array of wedding essentials, from props to guest books, buntings, table decorations and so much more. You can also order your wedding invitations and thank you cards at the same time!

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