Your Real Weddings – Saskia & Jason Batt

Mr & Mrs Batt

Happily married since 24th May 2016


The Love Story

How did you two meet?

We met at B&Q where we were both working at the time.

Saskia – How did you know Jason was the one for you?

I have just always felt comfortable with him, we’re very similar and being in a relationship with him has always been easy so I think I just always kind of knew.

Jason – How did you know Saskia was the one for you?

She has always accepted me for me and I’ve never felt I had to change for her which is the main reason but also she’s fitted in straight away with my family which is very important for me.

Saskia- How did Jason propose to you?

We went on holiday to Cologne, Germany to the Christmas markets because I LOVE Christmas! Whilst we were there he got down on one knee on the steps of the cathedral!

Jason – Why did you decide to propose this way?

Because I knew she loved Christmas!

How long were you engage for before you tied the knot?

2 and a half years!

The Planning

Were there any family traditions that you wanted to incorporate into your wedding?

Not really but I did have a blue bow sewn into my dress that was on my mums wedding dress and also in my sisters.

Did you have any help when you were planning your day? Did anyone try and take over, if so how did you handle that?

We had LOADS of help, Jason’s parents helped us out by gifting us some money and my mum helped me make everything! She made all the bunting by hand and helped me to make my centre pieces and all my invites!

We also had help from my Nanny and pretty much all the family. I don’t think anyone tried to take over so to speak but a lot of people have an opinion as soon as you’re engaged which can be frustrating, I just learnt to brush over it and stick to my guns.

How did you decide on a venue?

I saw the venue online and loved it but thought it would be way out of budget, we went to an open day there and I just loved it!

How did you decide on the wedding style?

I think it came about quite organically we just did what we wanted to suit our personalities.

The Dress

Your dress is so beautiful, how did you know it was the perfect dress for you?

I actually saw a Vera Wang I loved online but obviously couldn’t afford which had loads of layers so when I was in the shop and saw all the layers on my dress I had to try it on! And the fact it was so plain I loved as well, I’m not a sparkly person!

How many dresses did you try on?

Far too many to count!

You wore non-traditional accessories for your big day (and the shoes were amazing), what made you decide you didn’t want to wear ‘traditional’ shoes and jewellery?

I’ve never been a traditional person, I wanted to feel like me and have something a little bit quirky.

What’s your top tip for a bride trying to find the perfect dress?

Be open minded, you might think you want a sparkly princess dress but actually a fitted fishtail might look amazing on you, you need to try multiple styles.

The Suits

You also decided against a ‘traditional’ style suit, what made you decide you didn’t what a ‘traditional’ colour suit and shoes?

I wanted to be comfortable and not look like a different person.

What’s your top tip for a groom trying to find the perfect suit?

Pick one you like then check the future wife likes it.

The Big Day

What was the most stressful part of planning your wedding?

People wanting to be involved and having opinions, it’s hard to not upset at least one person.

Were you nervous on the day? How did you overcome this?

Neither of us felt nervous we were more excited.

What was the best part of the day for each of you?

Saskia- Reading Jason my vows, I added I some lyrics from his favourite band that he didn’t know about

Jason- Seeing Saskia for the first time walking down the aisle and her vows


Is there anything that you wish you had known when you were planning your wedding?

Looking back no not really!

As you have been married for just over a year, do you have any tips on how to survive the first year of marriage?

Don’t let anything change, so many people try and become something completely different after marriage and have new expectations from each other.

If you could go back and give yourself three pieces of advice what would they be?

Do not trust Jason to put the music you want on a memory stick, he will forget your songs

Eat more, I missed out on canopys

Practice walking to your music


Dress –

Wedding Shoes – Home UK | Irregular Choice

Suits – NEXT


Venue –

Make Up & Hair – Zoe Melissa Mae

Photographer –